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Chief Operating Officer

Indianapolis, IN, USA | Ascension

  • Industry:
    Healthcare - Hospitals
  • Position Type:
  • Functions:
    Operations / Production
  • Experience:
    7-10 years
Job Description:
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The Chief Operating Officer will be responsible for leading operations and driving high quality, low cost performance across the clinically integrated system of care. This executive, is accountable for the achievement of clinically integrated system of care goals and performance measures. The COO ensures that all owned sites of care are performing within Ascension standards for quality, productivity and cost effectiveness, and leads ongoing performance improvement efforts. 


 It is assumed that all duties and responsibilities will be performed in a manner which is consistent with the mission and reflects the Core Values of Ascension: Service of the Poor, Reverence, Integrity, Wisdom, Creativity, and Dedication.  

These responsibilities include:

Leads Market-wide efforts to drive high quality, low cost operations within sites of care.

Leads day-to-day operations within owned sites of care (e.g., hospitals, ambulatory care centers, etc.).

Provides input to the Chief Strategy Officer regarding Ministry Market strategy, contract strategy, major capital investments and which clinically integrated systems of care the market should seek for participation.

Accountable for Clinically Integrated System of Care performance targets.

Provides input to the Market Executive on performance targets for sites of care operations, quality/safety and performance improvement plans.

Supports clinically reliable processes implementation within sites of care.

Supports patient/member experience model implementation.

Manages local vendor relationships; monitors service level commitments for nationally-contracted vendors.

Provides input on the design of risk-based arrangements, payers to approach for fee for value contracts and contract terms.

Tracks Performance Excellence metrics and leads Clinically Integrated System of Care performance improvement efforts for operations of sites of care.

Development/Growth of Clinically Integrated System of Care:

Provides leadership to develop, operationalize and continually improve Clinically Integrated Systems of Care in the Ministry Market.

Determines overall needs for the Clinically Integrated System of Care to ensure network adequacy and promote growth.

Identifies and develops partnerships with area facilities and community organizations that share Ascension Health’s values.

Recommends and manages to Clinically Integrated Systems of Care performance targets; determines interventions necessary to improve performance.


Ensures that market performance is aligned with Ascension’s practices and standards of excellence and determines interventions necessary to improve performance.

Provides leadership to Ministry Market efforts to achieve balanced operational performance metrics


Ascension is committed to virtuous servant leadership as an essential enabler of our Integrated Ministry, and provides opportunities for leaders to grow in virtue. These behaviors are enabled by trust between and among community members. These virtuous servant leadership capacities are demonstrated in the following expected behaviors which include, but are not limited to:

 Maintains a Centered Presence

Ensures effective leadership presence

Is minded and flexible

Recognizes and suspends inherent personal biases

Is mutually supportive

 Commits to Effective Interactions and Decisions:

Communicates fully and transparently and listen in a non-defensive posture

Recognizes that because each leads, each supports, and each follows at different times, my contribution will always be valued but my input will not always be acted upon

Is decisive, willing to choose challenge over comfort, even in the face of incomplete information after allowing time for discernment

Step-ups to disagreements as a way to test one’s ways of seeing and thinking with others and find common ground

Holds Oneself and Others Accountable:

Embraces shared goals and take individual responsibility for achieving system vision

Proactively identifies and resolves divergent priorities to ensure alignment across Ascension

Internalizes and incorporates successes and failures to drive future performance


Cultivates Partnerships: Initiates and maintains strategic relationships with stakeholders inside and outside the health ministry (e.g., physicians, politicians and lobbyists, payers, suppliers and community representatives) to advance shared goals; seeks and considers stakeholder perspectives and promotes fairness in dealings with others.

Leverages Market Opportunities: Uses one’s understanding of key market drivers to create ministry, community and patient service opportunities and/or expand into new markets or innovative patient services.

Sets Ministry Strategy: Establishes and commits to a long-term strategic direction after considering clinical and financial data, resources, market drivers, and impact on mission, vision and core values; takes responsibility for the collective ministry strategy; anticipates and responds to shifts within the market, technology, or policy environment that influence the delivery, management, and financing of healthcare.

Achieves Values Based Results: Sets high goals, consistent with our values, for personal and group accomplishment; tenaciously works to meet or exceed those goals; measures progress and derives satisfaction from goal achievement and continuous improvement.

Models and Demonstrates Integrity: Genuinely cares about people especially the poor and vulnerable; communicates openly and honestly to foster trust relationships among colleagues and those we serve; recognizes and understands that leadership is a Call to Serve Others and that this service is a Commitment to Life; fosters personal growth and demonstrates reverence.

Leads Organization Change: Seeks (and encourages others to seek) innovative ways to improve results by transforming organizational culture, systems, or products/services; adapts strategically to emerging market demands, technology, and internal initiatives.

What You Will Need


A Master’s degree in Business Administration, Healthcare Administration or relevant discipline and/or experience highly preferred. Bachelor’s Degree required.

A minimum of 7+ years of demonstrated outcome-oriented operational leadership in a highly complex, multi-site facility and/or multi-site care delivery model. 10 years preferred.

A strong commitment to the mission of Catholic healthcare and a personal and professional presence to provide leadership on behalf of Ascension; a values driven, authentic leadership style which is guided in thinking, in acting, a sensitivity to the mission and core values of Ascension.

Highly strategic: demonstrated track record in assessing a complex, competitive market and in developing related growth initiatives in acute and non-acute care and in partnership with physicians, payers, and/or other providers.

Demonstrated strategic business orientation, with an understanding of the future direction of healthcare delivery and reimbursement; the ability to motivate and engage others in a common vision in response to such changes.

Demonstrated ability to gain physician support when developing, implementing, and promoting projects, ventures, and programs in a shared leadership environment.

A systems-oriented thinker with the ability to analyze complex relationships and situations, think outside the box, take action, and promote entrepreneurial and innovative approaches to optimize care delivery at the system level and across the Ministry Market

A history of seeking out and developing collaborative relationships with internal and external constituencies in order to accomplish a common goal.

Superb communication, facilitation, negotiation, and listening skills, accompanied by the ability to know how and when to influence, persuade, direct, challenge, and relinquish control.

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