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Chief Program Officer

Austin, TX, USA | Non Profit Organization

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    Non-Profit / Social Enterprise
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    General Management
    Project Management
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The Chief Program Officer (CPO) is responsible for the quality of planning, execution, and impact of Breakthrough’s out-of-school programs, as well as the overall health of the program team and its work with students. The CPO works alongside the program leadership team, consisting of the Chief Student Support Officer and the Chief Program Strategy Officer, to manage a growing team of approximately 40 year-round staff and 180 summer-time, seasonal staff. The CPO collaborates with the other members of the program leadership team to build a positive staff culture, manage critical partnerships, determine the team’s goals and objectives, and oversee the talent pipeline of the program team. 

To achieve the above, Breakthrough’s Chief Program Officer:

Co-leads a team of year-round and seasonal staff to deliver high-quality programs and services

Supervises, supports, professionally develops, and evaluates program staff members in their roles as advisors and out-of-school program leaders

Fosters the healthy culture of the program team and invests in the individuals who make up that team

Works with the program leadership team to plan for program growth, innovation, and improvement

Drives student success to further Breakthrough’s mission of supporting students on their path to becoming first-generation college graduates

Along with the program leadership team and the Executive Director, reports to the Board of Trustees on the impact, success, and challenges of the program

Serves as an active member of the organizational leadership team, critical to that team’s ability to plan and execute across the organization

Designs and provides timely reports regarding program outputs and outcomes

Evaluates program efforts and make continuous program improvements to achieve outcomes

Develops relationships with secondary schools, school districts, colleges, universities, and other partner agencies

Develops and maintains relationships with a diverse group of middle school students, high school students, and high school graduates, as well as many of their family members

Co-leads the organization-wide practices on professional development for year-round and seasonal staff


Breakthrough Central Texas seeks a talented, experienced, and enthusiastic leader to design, manage, and deliver program activities with a lens to equity and inclusion and with alignment to best practices in the field of education, youth development, and college readiness and persistence. We seek someone with a strong commitment to the mission of and values of the organization. Because of the large size of the organization and the complicated, fast-pace of the work, the ideal candidate will have:

Extensive experience as an educational and/or nonprofit leader and is well trained in the best practices in teaching, learning, leadership, and postsecondary access and success

An ability to drive innovation to improve programs and services offered to students and families

Strong experience in performance management in educational institutions, with an ability to set and monitor an organization’s progress toward ambitious targets

An ability to develop and improve systems for greater efficiency and effectiveness

An ability to supervise and evaluate the work of others

A commitment to growth mindset, to believe that people can develop the skills, knowledge, and abilities to achieve their aspirations

A commitment to social and racial equity and to deepening understanding of power and privilege

An ability to work with and motivate a diverse group of people

A strong competency in and a commitment to leading diversity, equity, and inclusion work

An ability to advocate effectively while maintaining positive and trusting working relationships

A comfort with ambiguity as solutions to the complicated challenges encountered in the work are still emerging

An ability to be highly organized, to prioritize effectively, and deliver commitments in a timely manner

Excellent verbal, written and visual communication skills

A strong desire to learn and grow, with a humility to their own competencies, identity, and positionality

A disciplined, strong work ethic and comfort with working non-standard hours (some weekends and evenings)

A commitment to and comfort in communicating with individuals who speak a language other than English, in particular Spanish

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