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Clinical Research Scientist - Investigational Cancer Therapeutics

Houston, TX, USA | M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

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    Healthcare - Hospitals
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    Scientific Research
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The primary purpose of the Clinical Research Scientist position is to plan, coordinate, design, supervise, and carry out clinical research projects. Apply scientific/medical expertise and experience to plan, coordinate, and supervise the evaluation of clinical and translational research data. Ensure the quality of resulting publications.

Key Functions

Clinical and translational research projects and initiatives.

Assist principal investigator in the development and design of clinical and translational research to ensure value and feasibility of proposal.

Assist principal investigator in determining the specific goals or objectives to be attained.

Develop and maintain standard procedures and protocols to ensure the quality and integrity of research data to be obtained.

Identify and implement strategies to enhance collaboration between investigators and clinical or research scientists.

Abstract medical and scientific information and provide lay language versions when required.

Collaborate with biostatistics, finance, and regulatory functions to ensure timely development of clinical trial proposals.

Clinical and translational data analysis.

Review protocol documents including abstracts, text, and informed consent for relevant information.

Review medical records to extract data points.

Review and evaluate clinical protocol and translational research data, including laboratory correlative data.

Ensure that the relevant clinical data is collected at designated stages in the treatment process.

Provide sound data analysis and interpretation of results for manuscripts and grant research plans.

Review the literature, identify, and coalesce data to support the rationale for clinical trial proposals.

Prepare data and information related to protocols, grants, abstracts, and manuscript submissions, as needed. 

Reporting, writing, and editing projects.

Compose technical reports, abstracts, slide presentations, spreadsheets, posters, and manuscripts for submission to corporate and federal sponsors, conferences, and scientific journals.

Copyedit technical reports.

Proofread galley proofs of manuscripts nearing publication.

Utilize technical writing ability to compose and abstract medical and scientific information for preparation of written correspondence, reports, letters of intent, informed consent forms, and protocols under the direction of study investigator.

Compile, write, and submit project results to principal investigator.

Edit and/or write sections of protocols and reports as directed by study investigator.

Prepare specific protocol reports and analysis to aid decisions regarding therapeutic efficacy.

Prepare documents for publication by reviewing analyses and interpretations of data to ensure accuracy and alignment with research data.Ensure clarity of expression.

Prepare abstracts of professional literature of a technical nature based on reading and comprehension of the material.

Ensure that the data collected reflects the requested information and can be provided in accordance with specified guidelines.

Compile information and draft presentations to provide the most effective arrangement of data (financial, scientific, medical, business, and academic).

Produce medical illustrations, publication graphics, scientific posters, and slide presentations for national and international meetings.

Present findings of research projects to professional groups. 


Required: PhD or Medical degree.  


Required: None. 

Preferred: Previous experience writing trial protocols, writing and submitting grants, designing and setting up clinical trials.

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