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Command & Launch Senior Program Manager

Hill , UT, USA | BAE Systems

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    Project Management
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    10-12 years
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The Ground Based Strategic Deterrent (GBSD) Program is an enormous and complex “Mega-Project” modernizing the entire ICBM weapon system deployed across tens of thousands of square miles in five states. Without any doubt, GBSD is one of the Department of Defense’s (DoD’s) most important acquisition efforts for the next decade, if not longer. It includes a complete refurbishment of hundreds of aging Minuteman III ICBM facilities to secure and support a newly designed, technologically advanced ballistic missile. It will also provide an entirely new command and control system as well as vast array of required support equipment specifically engineered to operate and sustain the new weapon system over the decades ahead. GBSD is the DoD’s newest official “program of record,” having just achieved Acquisitions Milestone B. It enjoys broad, strong support at the national level. It is a long-term project -- the weapon system will deploy over a nine-year period beginning in approximately 2026, and remain operational until at least 2075. GBSD is a career-defining program that will present unique and challenging opportunities that simply are not available with smaller projects.

Tell me about this job. This position will directly support the GBSD Command and Launch (C&L) Division Lead and the government’s C&L Division Chief (a Senior Materiel Leader) as they acquire the weapon system command & control capabilities for the next generation ICBM. Duties will include leading a team of project managers and engineers who are providing expert advice and support to GBSD Division leaders on all command & control aspects throughout the acquisition cycle. Areas of responsibility that fall under C&L include: weapon system command & control, codes/cryptography, targeting, nuclear command, control & communications (NC3), command pathways, airborne launch control, physical security systems, and launch equipment associated with launch control centers and launch facilities.

To successfully field the new weapon system, the GBSD program requires a highly-experienced Program Manager with a willingness to lead, learn, and contribute in a fast-paced environment. The applicant must possess high energy and a strong motivation to make a difference. They must be comfortable working with changing priorities. The ability to switch tasks and multi-task with minimal disruption is a must.

Specifically, this BAE Systems team member will serve as a senior program manager responsible for supporting the government customer in the creation, review, and assessment of documents, architecture, and Model Based System Engineering artifacts in order to meet GBSD acquisition requirements and timelines. This team member will assist in leading the day-to-day operations of the C&L Division including status tracking, meeting support, schedule development and management. The position interacts with senior staff and senior leaders in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Headquarter Air Force, Air Force Global Strike Command, the National Security Agency, U.S. Strategic Command, as well as other GBSD team partners from Federally-Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDCs) and University Affiliated Research Centers (UARCs). This team member will also coordinate and integrate actions with other senior program managers, senior engineers, logisticians, testers, and external agencies.

This is a rare opportunity to join a high-performing team within a large defense company with an extraordinary, positive culture and mission focus. In this position, you will provide direct support to a national security critical weapon system throughout engineering development, deployment and sustainment. You will become a trusted mission partner to the innovative, digital engineering-driven Air Force organization that will design, build, test, transition, and sustain the world’s safest, most secure, and effective land-based nuclear deterrent, on-schedule. Do not miss this!

Pursuant to Government contract, this position requires US Citizenship status.

This position is only located at Hill Air Force Base, Utah, due to special-access, classified working environment.

Required Education, Experience, & Skills

Minimum 10 years of experience in direct program management.

Extensive military experience with Minuteman III ICBM operations and/or missile field maintenance.

Must have a current Secret or Top Secret security clearance with background investigation closed no greater than 6 years prior to hiring and must be eligible for SAP clearance.

Preferred Education, Experience, & Skills

Master’s Degree in relevant field is desirable.

Strong knowledge of ICBM command & control areas such as codes/cryptography, targeting, NC3, nuclear surety and/or positive control concepts, and nuclear command & control (NC2) procedures is highly desirable.

Relevant ICBM experience in assignments beyond the operational wing-level, such as headquarters organizations (e.g., Hq 20AF, Hq AFGSC, Hq USSTRATCOM, HAF, the Joint Staff, or OSD) and/or developmental/operational test organizations (e.g., 576 FLTS, AFOTEC) is highly desirable.

Prior experience working with the National Security Agency (NSA) for codes, cryptography, and communications security requirements and/or Air Force Safety Center/Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center for nuclear surety requirements is a plus.

Self-motivated with exceptional verbal and written communications skills in addition to sound interpersonal skills involving interfacing, coordinating and negotiating with customer and company personnel.

Familiarity with DoD acquisitions activities in accordance with DoD Directive 5000.01 and DoD Instruction 5000.02, as well as any other relevant U.S. law, DoD, CJCS, USAF, or other Service Component directives, policies, instructions, or guides.

Extensive knowledge and experience working with Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint, Excel is highly desirable.

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