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First, some data on the growth of CB Insights.

2015 - 66 teammates

2016 - 104 teammates

2017 - 168 teammates

2018 - 209 teammates

2019 - target of 320

Over that same period, our revenue has grown 800% into the very healthy 8-figures.

What makes us different is that we’ve grown this fast without burning any money. Capital-efficient growth is atypical these days.

That’s the great news.

Now the question is how do we keep it going?

In short, we want to build a big but small company.And to do this, we’re seeking a COO.

First, how does one build a big but small company?

This, in our view, requires balancing two interrelated and sometimes incongruent forces:

Using scale to drive performance, execution, and predictability

Preserving an ownership mindset that fosters speed, invention, and resourcefulness

More on each of these below.

#1 - Using scale

This is about focusing on the operational details, processes, systems, and strategies necessary for us to grow intentionally today and into the future.

Specifically, this includes ownership of and driving of:

Planning & forecasting - Managing the planning process and delivering upon aggressive targets at the organizational and group/function level.  

Capital allocation - Rigorous (yet uncomplicated) and analytical prioritization and allocation of financial and human capital to ensure investments are being made in the right places

Scaling operational capacity - Increasing operational capacity efficiently and quickly (via opening of new offices, hiring remote talent and/or through the use of 3rd parties) 

Building systems - Leading efforts to educate and build a systems-driven culture that focuses us on what will produce results rather than exclusively the results.  

Performance management - Creating a performance-driven culture that attracts, retains and rewards phenomenal people 

M&A integration - Integrating and realizing the value of acquired companies or technologies.

#2 - Ownership mindset

When starting a company, there is a degree of urgency, resourcefulness, responsiveness, and inventiveness at every level that drives the team and the organization forward.

In this phase, sometimes magic happens. 

You’re learning, building and delivering at a remarkable pace amidst uncertainty and chaos.

In this type of organization, the ownership mindset is strong.

And we believe it is critical that we maintain this.

And so we are looking for this exec to help us build an organization that is big yet small or said another way, an org that is highly scalable but still immensely entrepreneurial. 

We have some ideas on how to do this which we can share as conversations proceed. And of course, we’d want an exec to bring their own experiences and ideas to drive this as well.


10+ years of senior leadership experience with a proven track record of driving performance in individual functions and across the organization

Early experience in top-tier management consulting or investment banking roles is a plus but not required

Experience at a company that has gone public (and traversed the private to public market journey) is also a plus but not required

More specifically, within your last 2 roles, you should have:

Been part of the executive team at a technology/software company experiencing rapid growth

Scaled a company from low hundreds to high hundreds/low thousands of teammates successfully.  

Recruited and led a high performance team of at least 10+

Driven decisions that materially and quantifiably drove the business forward through deep understanding & analysis of financial & operating metrics

Led business & strategy planning efforts including capital allocation (financial & human) and goal / target setting efforts (at the functional and org level) from plan development through to execution

Built and optimized operations at the function and organization level

Worked in companies that served enterprise clients (Global 2000)

Successfully driven, managed and led change management efforts

Top 10 characteristics of the right COO candidate:

Has high standards, values hard work and is immensely results-driven

Has high clarity of thought (which manifests itself in their decision quality)

Is deeply analytical 

Is humble as we have strong antibodies to arrogance 

Is a systems thinker 

Is a magnet for talent 

Can see the big picture but sweats and has mastery of the details

Is highly aware of markets, competition and business models

Is predisposed to moving fast because they understand speed is a weapon

Is a great communicator who synthesizes info quickly and cogently and bring others along

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