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Director of Medical Service Unit

N/A, FL, USA | HCN Healthcare

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    HR / Recruitment Services
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Brainstorms and offer unique ideas; facilitates innovation in others

Effectively copes with change and can shift gears comfortably

Adaptable and- maintains effectiveness when experiencing major changes in work tasks or work environment

Understands how the organization works and is able to get things done through formal and informal networks

Maneuvers through complex political relationships effectively; understands corporate politics are necessary part of any organization and adjusts to that reality


Relates well to all people in organization; builds rapport; develops constructive and effective relationships

Provides information that people need to know to do their job in a timely manner so they can make decisions and feel good about being a member of the team

Presents effectively in a variety of settings; commands audience attention; reads audience and changes style/approach when something isn’t working

Able to communicate all types of messages including those that are controversial

Understands the pro’s and con’s of various methods of communication including e-mail, text, voicemail, face to face, individual and group meetings and utilizes the appropriate method for the situation


Knowledgeable about the financial operations of his/her departments

Compiles and analyzes metrics to identify and measure if department is running in most effective/efficient manner

Proactively investigates discrepancies and implements improvement plans proactively

Continually strives to find opportunities for cost containment and encourages team members to do the same

Identifies opportunities for revenue enhancements and growth


Understands who his/her customers are and is dedicated to meeting their expectations

Develops processes to regularly seek out first-hand knowledge of customer expectations

Uses customer feedback to create improvements in products/services

Problem Resolution Skills –

Able to look ahead, anticipate future needs and identify/ understands potential issues

looks beyond the obvious and doesn’t stop at first answers

Uses data to draw conclusions; doesn’t jump to act before having sufficient information

Identifies possible alternatives and weighs risks and rewards associated with each before acting or making recommendation


Visualizes possibilities and designs work processes that will allow for competitive and breakthrough strategies.

Identifies long term goals then breaks down work into manageable and measurable steps

Orchestrates multiple activities at once to accomplish a goal

Anticipates problems and addresses them proactively

Builds in objective ways to measure success

Steadfastly pushes self and others toward achieving desired results


Is widely trusted in the organization

Shares the truth in an appropriate and helpful manner

Doesn’t blame others to promote or protect self

Creates a professional and positive work environment

Supports fair and equal treatment of all team members according to their specific situations


Sets high standards for his/her own work and the work of the department he/she oversees

Accepts accountability for the consequences of decisions and actions

Takes responsibility for ensuring that the organization’s commitments to customers and team members are met

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