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Director, Product Marketing

Denver, CO, USA | Recondo Technology

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    Information Technologies
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    General Management
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The commercialization team is responsible for activating the creation and enabling the delivery of Waystar’s unique value to the markets we serve. We are looking for a creative, dynamic leader to guide a team of market and product experts. This person will be a key driver in growth through ideating key go-to-market strategies and programs, enabling the launch of these programs, and communicating the performance cross-functionally. The selected candidate will work closely with our Product Management, Growth, Marketing, and Client Operations to build and deploy repeatable, scalable frameworks to create a system of winning.

Looking for some details?

Market intelligence: Be the expert on our buyers, who they are, how they buy and their key buying criteria. Know the competition’s strategy, product portfolio, positioning, and how they win. Intimately understanding the market drivers, trends, underserved needs that have significant impact on our buyers and clients. Research, collect, synthesize, and activate clear strategies for market differentiation

Messaging & positioning: Develop memorable story-telling that showcases clear impact to our target markets and buyers. Enable the delivery of storytelling throughout our go-to-market teams

Pricing & packaging: Lead strategic packaging programs to increase growth, including competitive benchmarking and research. Make it easy for clients to do business with us

Go-to-market strategy: Leverage your deep understanding of the market to develop and launch programs that enable growth through existing and new solutions

Client advocacy: build a community of advocacy within the targeted client base to leverage insights, success stories, and create value for our clients

Segment-specific insights: Continuously build a reservoir of comprehensive, thought leadership insights that articulates our value, brings consistency to our client engagement, and sharpens our selling effectiveness

Do you fit our team?

Deep industry knowledge: great understanding of post-acute, ambulatory, and specialties

Expert storyteller: the ability to connect the dots between target markets, buyers, their needs, and the impact of our solutions in a unique, effective way

Data-driven: marry deep market insights with measurable product outcomes to further capitalize on our success in target markets

Player-coach: mentor a team, elevate the team’s performance, but be comfortable getting your hands dirty to drive projects forward with a high level of quality and speed

Strong collaborator: unite closely with Growth, Marketing, Product, and Client Operations

Thought leader: embody excitement to present at internal/external events including, webinars, trainings, tradeshows, and conferences

Preferred Skills

Proven success leading a team

Healthcare payments experience

Product marketing experience

Bachelor’s degree or higher

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