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Director, Radiation/Oncology

Long Beach, CA, USA | American Hospital Association

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    Healthcare - Hospitals
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The Director of Radiation Oncology reports to the Executive Director. The Director is accountable for planning, developing new services, policy formation, human resource management and organization, financial performance, patient care services operations, and medical management staff relations and ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements within his/her area of responsibility. In addition, the Director is responsible to provide leadership to redesign the health care delivery structure to position the organization to be a leader in an integrated delivery network. 

The Director supervises and manages staff to coordinate the day to day operations of the department.The Director has expertise in marketing, systems/standards development, IS systems used within their departments, regulatory requirements and a broad vision of the future of the health care industry.

The Director should have a strong understanding of radiation protection, radiation physics, radiation treatments procedure from the beginning to the end using different techniques external beam, hyperthermia, brachytherapy, stereotactic surgery. He/she should be familiar with imaging techniques and equipment used in radiation oncology, radiology, nuclear medicine, ultrasound and MRI. He/she should have a good knowledge base of the different types of technology/modalities and IS systems/applications utilized in the department and understand the basics of the inter-communication amongst these systems for optimal clinical utilization during image transfer, treatment and comparative studies. He/she should have an excellent knowledge base about the business aspects of a clinical unit which includes but not limited to; hiring, firing, planning, budgeting, controlling costs. He/she must understand the billing process and must stay up to date on billing issues/changes. They should establish excellent interpersonal relations within the organization, and in the industry inclusive of contacts in other hospitals and among the vendors and manufacturers of the diagnostic and imaging equipment utilized in radiation oncology.

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