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Director Region Operations

Minneapolis, MN, USA | Lumen Technologies

  • Industry:
    Information Technologies
  • Position Type:
    Full-Time with Flex
  • Functions:
    General Management
    Operations / Production
  • Experience:
    7-10 years
Job Description:
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The Director of Region Operations facilitates operational activities on the region level.This includes managing all policy, projects, objectives and initiatives both regionally and nationally.This role is responsible for evaluating current systems, proposed systems, processes and procedures.  This position is considered the single resource for centralized organizations responsible for implementation of standard processes, system enhancements, network architecture, emerging products and policy support.In addition, this position employs Lean management skills for processes, systems, tools, and any other assets to the Regional field Installation and Repair teams, Retail, and all other functions that tier up to the Region President.

The Main Responsibilities

This organization will manage day-to-day, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting requirements for inside and outside of the applicable region. These reports include, but are not limited to, Key Service Metrics variances, Monthly Operations Review Decks, Force to Load, Productivity, etc. Supports all adhoc reports and analytics requested by the Region President, VPs and Field Operations teams

Defines, develops, and identifies opportunities for local market and national initiatives by providing day to day reporting and analysis of local trends.  Uses data and analytics to understand return on investment, work force optimization and supporting service metric root cause analysis.  Works directly with the Region President and local market VPs to increase operational efficiency and field network optimization.

Works with National support and local field operations teams to implement national standards, emerging product, services, system enhancements, network architecture and policies. Recommends and develops process improvements for the entire organization by leveraging sound data and technical solutions. Conveys back to National/Centralized Teams gaps in processes, systems and policies and works closely with them to drive resolution. Organizational responsibility for technical SMEs for regional technicians includes IPTV, HSI, Ethernet, SONET/DWDM, Bonding/Grounding – Electrical Influence. 

Responsible for aligning regional structure with goals and targets for regional objectives around Technician efficiency and productivity along with capital investment that drives additional units along with network reliability.Oversees the handling of FEV and Capital Tool inventory within the region; ensuring that each technician has the proper tools necessary to do a job well while having a fiduciary commitment to drive capital cost savings. Approves and manages annual capital and expense budgets.

Facilitates regional documentation for disaster recovery and contingency plans. Leads the efforts for all system changes, conversions, and integrations that impact any workflow within the region. Coordinates and manages any training requirement that is established Region-wide to support a corporate or region initiative. Develops and implements needed training to achieve local market understanding of emerging products and associated processes.Supports training and raising the skill sets on all technicians in regards to Remote and Capital Tools and theoretical understanding of network technology and protocols.

Contractor single point for regional initiatives for Locates, Buried Service Wire and Damage Claims. Supports all RFP and contractor assessment upon expiration of contracts.

Partner with and review evaluations of future IT, commercial real estate and fleet requirements. Responsible for supporting processes and standards to enable the effective management of these assets and assists with the cost of maintaining these assets within the field operations footprint. Supports Fleet and Real Estate program and project management for the region.Responsible for GPS implementation, tracking and usage; brokering vehicles for new technicians; and moving vehicles from other regions to avoid new vehicle purchases. Implements Real Estate programs dealing with Central Office Certification, build out of garages and evaluating building augmentation proposals.

What We Look For in a Candidate

Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Telecommunications, Construction, Business or related field or the equivalent in training and experience

8 -10 years experience

Process improvement experience in the telecommunications industry

Proven ability to make strategic, operational and administrative decisions in response to customer demands 

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