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Director Sales

Miami, FL, USA | Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings

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    General Management
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    15-20 years
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Reporting to the Senior Director Sales, The Americas, the incumbent is responsible to achieve and exceed the South sales target (Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia, Columbia etc.) by realizing sales strategies and developing sales plans; directing and developing a highly productive sales team with collaborative and transparent culture, and managing and expanding customer base and product offerings.


Reporting to the Senior Director Sales, The Americas, the incumbent strategically manage sales team in the Americas in line with the Company’s long term development goals. The incumbent will inspire and coach the team to foster collaborations among other sales teams for developing business opportunities with customers and maximizing profit for the company.

• Create successful sales plans for the 25-40M revenue market

• Provide indicative market information and insights to strategies customers plans and sector development activities, also based on purchased market data such as World ACD and Cargo IS

• Establish and implement specialized upsell commodity strategies by building robust processes that embed with appropriate level of approvals on different pricing and sales amount, in compliance with Polar Pricing Manual and all other company policy and procedures

• Market and develop various specialized commodities, such as perishable, pharmaceutical, dangerous goods, priority services, etc.

• Develop excellent customer relationship that can transfer to other gateway to support network sales

• Develop substantial interline network to feed the hard cargo to MIA

• Develop comprehensive trucking solutions within the South to fill in capacities

• Work collaboratively with APAC destination gateways to create excellent communications about customer opportunities from the consignee side

• Adopt right position in pricing, versus quality of products and competition

• Obtain customers support in off-peak season, post-holidays, etc. by forming strong relationship with customers via face to face meetings and phone calls

• Creatively arrange shipments, apply price differentiation in terms of density, transit time and specific requirements

• Identify business development opportunities through market and customer analysis, and suggest products and/ or enhance service offerings, beyond Polar products by cross-selling capacity in 5Y, 3S, K4, 9S and other ad hoc airline charters, and ready to react quickly on new services

• Work closely with offline GSA (Puerto Rico) to identify and develop incremental value and optimize their products via the US gateways

• Maintain relations to deeper market and get cargo or information from sub-customers

• Prepare quotation to customers, target charter opportunities and interline business

• Maintain credit control for Polar and solicit credit performance of customers

• Arrange stand-by cargo according to MOP to maintain customers support even after service disruptions caused by contingency plan, or caused by DHL surge in demand

• Provide input to yearly budget based on comprehensive market information and customer insights

• Manage to operate the business within the assigned budget and cost

• Demonstrate leadership presence and provide direction to the teams

• Champion and demonstrate the culture of collaboration to facilitate team to work beyond their own regional goal in all aspects. In particular, support unused cargo space in other US gateways as shared responsibility to achieve high load factors and the Americas sales goal as a team

• Conduct quarterly update on business performance to demonstrate leadership presence and enhance transparency across the different regional and centralized teams

• Cultivate open and transparent culture in the team to ensure compliance, encourage the team to provide constructive feedback for team efficiency and effectiveness that strive for common goal, and ultimately better equip the team for unforeseen market changes

• Lead, motivate and inspire the team to strive for a common goal, be highly productive, respond quickly in every day’s operations, in view of volatile and unpredictable DHLE forecast

• Lead and coach Sales team for customers’ meetings and extend relations to working teams in different departments

• Lead sales to explore the depth and width of customers, share market insights to the team, and facilitate the team to identify customers that better suit PO’s strength and network

• Train the team to act as a cargo consolidator with the maximum ACL and CBM utilization as a target to achieve optimal flight utilization, target dense or volumetric cargo to maximize each flight unique performance limitations

• Emphasis the importance on anti-trust, FCPA, OFAC and other compliances for staff members to ensure compliance to company and governmental regulations without fail

• Work closely with other Departments for smooth operations and projects

• Collaborate on company digitalization effort, such as e-booking, e-airwaybill,, Cargospot enhancement, tableau,etc

• Maintain regular contact with other sales teams, regional operations, FRA Department, Accounting Department, GCMT, Atlas Air, DHL ACS, Cargo Terminals, PO and other airlines’ destinations, PO trucking team and any other stakeholders

• Work closely with Gateway station manager and the vendor and DHL Express regarding ULD (Unit Load Device) for the supply in addition to the operations team to ensure adequate supply of pallets

• Work closely with operations teams to make sure proper execution of service delivery

• Arrange new accounts opening, customers interviews, credit research, bank guarantee and air waybill issuance, with Accounting Department and other relevant teams

• Check on post-flight report so as to make sure billing accurately, and Arrange CCA and communicate with customers in case of incorrect billing

• Verify and correct invoices sent from interline carriers, and approve payable to interline carriers

• Provide regular and comprehensive account update to the Management

• Coordinate closely with different departments on activities such as company audit, marketing events, customers functions, etc.


• Bachelor degree or equivalent work experience in cargo industry

• Minimum 15 years of experience in air cargo industry, within which at least 10 years of leadership experience, with exposure in global sales and operations

• Proven track record of increasing new business opportunities and developing a dynamic presence with major freight forwarders

• Proven experience in developing and executing successful company cargo sales plans and developing new business contacts in the international air cargo industry

• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, strong negotiating skills

• Strong believer in ethical practice, high level of integrity and professionalism for work practices

• Ability to manage a high degree of complexity in various situations

• Independently motivated, extremely driven and result oriented

• Mature people management skills, able to articulate individual performance of the team and provide coaching to grow and develop the team

• Proven experience to inspire and motivate team members to strive for a common goal

• High proficiency in standard office software (Word, Excel, Outlook)

• Regular travel is required

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