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GO Public Schools, Chief Executive Officer

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With the transition of co-founder and longtime CEO Jonathan Klein in June 2020, the board, staff and partners of GO are seeking a visionary CEO to lead the organization into its next phase. This leader will: support and continue developing the capacity of the leadership team; build and execute on a sustainable revenue-generating strategy; work with the staff and board to refine GO’s brand, core strategic priorities, long term growth plan, and more formally define the relationship between the local and statewide offices; further the organization’s internal and external work around examining its diversity, equity and inclusion practices; and continue GO’s leadership on education policy advocacy and elections organizing in its local communities.

The ideal candidate will be a strong manager and clear-sighted leader who: understands how to bring together a diverse group of stakeholders towards a common vision; is unapologetic about their personal guiding principle of ensuring that all students and families receive the education and life opportunities they deserve; is a skilled political operative with experience organizing people, money and systems towards electoral outcomes; is an empathetic listener and self-reflective individual; will lift up the voices of the disempowered and oppressed whenever possible; and is willing to have hard conversations and confront difficult decisions to further GO’s work on behalf of the low-income communities of color its efforts are designed to empower and support.


Key Responsibilities of the CEO include:

Organizational Management and Internal Culture Leadership: Building and maintaining strong management practices throughout the organization and ensuring all individuals are bought into a positive, productive and thriving internal culture guided by honesty, transparency and common goals.

External Community Building: Ensure the GO brand is strong, well-understood and closely tied to the organization’s goals and Northstar vision in every GO community. Build strong alliances with local and state partners, including school leaders, policymakers, elected officials, community leaders and - most importantly - the parents, families and advocates GO is seeking to champion.

Board Collaboration and Development: Support the c3 and c4 boards in the recruitment, support and development of their members, ensuring they are utilizing best practices in governance and each person’s talents are recognized and leveraged to the fullest.

Financial Sustainability: Develop a sustainable fundraising and revenue generation strategy for GO that will ensure the organization’s fiscal and operational strength for the medium- and long-term.

Strategic Leadership and Goal-Setting: Work closely with the board, staff and other supporters to develop and execute on a strategic plan that is clear, visionary, with specific milestones and goals for GO’s current and future programmatic expectations.


A successful first year in this role for the new CEO will include:

Working with the governing board(s), staff and partners to determine a timeline and strategy for growing GO’s impact over the next few years;

Launching the organization’s 2020 funding plan, securing resources to support the organization’s current budget commitments and developing a long-term plan for financial sustainability;

Ensuring that GO has a strong and thriving organizational culture at all levels, with high levels of staff engagement and an environment characterized by a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion.


In order to fulfill these responsibilities, the ideal CEO candidate will be:

An accomplished leader with success in nonprofit/social service management and experience in community organizing, policy advocacy and/or the K-12 education sector.

Deeply committed to GO’s mission of working with families, educators and community allies to win advocacy campaigns that promote equitable education systems and transformational public schools.

Steadfast and resilient in the face of personal, professional and political opposition.

Knowledgeable about policy advocacy and electoral politics with experience leading advocacy campaigns.

A culturally competent and a self-reflective leader who understands the effects of race, class, ethnicity, income, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, and other issues of difference in society and is able to lead direct, honest conversations about them with stakeholders at all levels of the organization.

Experienced in raising funds for their organization (at a similar level to GO’s budget needs) including a track record of building successful business and program partnerships and/or major gifts fundraising.

Skilled in developing, collaborating with and engaging governing boards.

A builder of authentic relationships with community partners, policymakers, funders and other supporters, able to engage with a variety of individuals and speaks in a clear and compelling manner about the organization’s goals and priorities.

Effective and inspiring in their management style; willing to devote time to coach and develop their team while holding them accountable to measurable results.

Skilled in strategic planning, project management, and organization; able to focus on and communicate organizational priorities while not losing sight of the details; and align vision with defined values.


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