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Institute Senior Research Scientist - In Vitro Pharmacology

Houston, TX, USA | M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

  • Industry:
    Healthcare - Hospitals
  • Position Type:
  • Functions:
    Scientific Research
  • Experience:
    7-10 years
Job Description:
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As part of the IACS team, the Institute Senior Research Scientist will provide in vitro Pharmacology leadership on drug discovery project teams by designing and conducting studies needed for the elucidation of SAR (structure-activity relationships) and the mechanism of action for novel small molecules. These efforts will allow us to advance novel therapeutics currently under development by our Therapeutics Discovery teams and partners.

By joining the Therapeutics Discovery Division, you have the opportunity to use your talents to make a direct impact on the lives of our patients. We are seeking a highly motivated and collaborative individual to become a part of our team. Ideal candidates will have experience with a wide variety of protein targets in a drug discovery setting and a demonstrated track record in the development and implementation of in vitro assays (cellular, biochemical, and biophysical) for compound screening using a variety of detection formats, including experience with 3D cellular formats and high content imaging.


1. Cordinate the application and development of cutting edge tools and methodologies to enable advancement of Institute projects through leadership and experimental activities. Analyze data generated by various studies and leverage results for the design of future studies.

2. Working closely with research teams, identify and recommend opportunities for scientific discovery and clinical therapeutic drug development.

3. Provide in vitro pharmacology leadership on multidisciplinary drug discovery teams.  

4. Interact closely with cross-functional groups, including biology and medicinal chemistry, on discovery-based project teams.

5. Responsible for the design and execution of robust cellular, biochemical, and biophysical assays to support target validation, hit identification and confirmation, and lead optimization in small molecule drug discovery projects.

6. Responsible for the characterization of the mechanism of action of novel small molecules.

7. Monitor assay quality and troubleshoot issues with assay performance.

8. Contribute to project teams through lab-based activities.

9. Work with external groups to implement novel lead finding activities with collaborators as appropriate.

10. Transfer assays to collaborators as appropriate.

11. Provide leadership in enhancing the 3D cellular assay and high-content imaging capabilities of IACS for screening funnel purposes and mechanistic studies.

12. Employ safe lab practices.

13. Maintain research records and laboratory notes.

14. Supervise associate scientists.


Required: Master's degree in Biology, Biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, enzymology, pharmacology, chemistry or related field. 

Preferred: Ph.D. in one of the natural sciences or related field (e.g., cell biology, biochemistry, pharmacology, or medical degree). 


Required: Eight years experience of relevant research experience in lab. With preferred degree, three years of required experience. 

Preferred: At least two years of relevant industrial experience within the pharmaceutical industry.  

Ideal Candidate will possess the following:

• Experience with a wide variety of protein targets in a drug discovery setting 

• A demonstrated track record in the development and implementation of in vitro assays for compound screening using a variety of detection formats

• Experience in designing, developing, and implementing high content cell-based assays

• Experience running automated liquid handling instrumentation

• Excellent written and oral communication skills

• High attention to detail

• Ability to work well under pressure and meet critical timelines

• Collaborative attitude and the ability to work effectively on multi-disciplinary project teams

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