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Research Scientist - Investigational Cancer Therapeutics

Houston, TX, USA | M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

  • Industry:
    Healthcare - Hospitals
  • Position Type:
  • Functions:
    Scientific Research
  • Experience:
    1-3 years
Job Description:
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The primary purpose of the Research Scientist position is to apply technical expertise and experience to plan, coordinate, and supervise the evaluation of research data and the quality of resulting publications. Performs research activities based on projects and grants planned by the principal investigator. These activities are usually of a technical nature, but may be those related to design and literature reviews as well. Plans, participates in, and directs research activities related to patient sample processing.Impacts the quality of cancer research efforts in department.

Our laboratory is focused on developing and utilizing patient derived xenografts and molecular analysis to identify improved therapies and personalize therapies for advanced cancer patients.Experience with all facet small animal testing is required.Candidate should have an understanding of personalized cancer therapies and the how the combination of in depth molecular analysis and broad PDX testing fits in to the translation aspect of this research.  

Key Functions

-To plan, organize, direct, and participate in experiments and assays related to patient sample processing.

-Perform quality research for current research projects and other identified needs

-Determine specific goals or objectives to be attained.

-Oversee key classified personnel involved in research projects.

-Assign and review the work of subordinates and monitor workflow.

-Interview classified personnel for laboratory positions. 

-Plan and supervise the training of technicians and other laboratory personnel with respect to proper laboratory techniques, the use of laboratory equipment, and safety procedures.

-Collaborate with members of other laboratories.

-Process blood samples within two hours of receipt.

-Process, store, and catalog patient samples; then analyze biomarkers by ELISA.

-Initiate trouble-shooting to ensure that goals of the project are achieved.

-Plan and execute routine procedures involving cell biology and biochemistry.Requires experience in tissue culture, PCR, western blot analysis, cytotoxicity assays, apoptosis, imuunofluorescence microscopy, immunohistochemistry, immunoprecipitation, flow cytometry, and enzymatic kinetics and assays.

-Provide laboratory services, perform tissue culture, process research samples, and/or catalog samples as required. 

-Interpret results of experiments and make changes in procedures when needed.

-Read the literature and confer with superiors regarding new procedures and modify them according to the needs of the project.

-Interact with principal investigators, postdoctoral fellows and other research staff in communicating experimental design and results.

-Demonstrate ability to operate laboratory equipment and apparatus and perform routine operator maintenance.

-Participate in adopting new techniques and learning new skills to enhance research efforts.

-Maintain assertiveness and flexibility in approaching new techniques and responsibilities, utilizing good work habits and time management.

-Maintain alertness and careful attention to avoid injury to self and others due to chemicals and hazardous materials in the laboratory.

2. To maintain good, detailed experimental records, evaluate resulting research data, and present findings.

-Maintain an up-to-date, organized, and legible laboratory journal that records all experiments in detail and ensure that subordinates do the same.

-Monitor and oversee the quality and detail of experimental records and the reproducibility of experiment outcomes by personnel in the lab.

-Utilize image analysis system and/or microscope to analyze data and examine results.

-Compile, write, and submit project results to supervisor.

-Prepare scientific documents for publication and grant submissions.

-Present findings of research projects to professional groups.

-Present manuscript reviews to laboratory and department meetings.

3. To develop and maintain standard procedures and protocols to ensure the quality and integrity of procedures performed and the overall operation of the laboratory.

- Monitor work flow as it pertains to the need for supplies, equipment maintenance, and preparing stock solutions.

- Know the procedure for obtaining repair or maintenance for lab equipment.

- Coordinate the ordering of supplies in the laboratory

- Manage inventory of biologics and replenish as needed.

- Order materials for research studies and follow up on orders as needed.

- Maintain chemical and radionuclide safety reports.

- Select and purchase new equipment in consultation with other professional staff.


Required: PhD in one of the natural sciences or related field or Medical degree 


Required: With PhD, no experience required. With Medical degree, two years of experience in experimental or scientific work. 

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