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Are you a Sales Professional seeking that brand name that will help you gain access to the C-Suite?Is it time for you to sell with a company that makes a real difference in the Health, Wealth and Careers of millions of people?Keep reading and consider applying.

Mercer is a globally recognized leader in human capital and benefits consulting and you can leverage our intellectual prowess to back your sales acumen.As a Sales Professional in Mercer you will be asked to learn complex lines of business and develop sales strategies that create dynamic product offerings that solve some of the most critical challenges facing employers in healthcare, financial security, and career development. However you will not go this road alone, you will be backed by a world class team of consultants who are widely recognized as problem solvers and industry thought leaders.Your sales career at Mercer will bring you to a new level of skills in collaboration, critical thinking and industry visibility.

If you are interested and have a track record of crushing your sales goals, be prepared to discuss the following:

Articulation of your sales funnel

How you identify, research, profile, and prospect accounts

Talk through your cold calling, gaining meetings, and closing ratios

Share examples of identifying and meeting with key decisions makers

Illustrate your process of managing a prospect through a long tail sales cycle.

Prove your track record of meeting and exceeding sales goals

Be ready to verify with numbers and ranking against peers

Ability to show demonstrated long term sales success

Highlight your relationship building skills

Share how you build client relationships through your knowledge of industry trends and highlight your ability to establish trusted advisor status before the sale

Detail examples of how you build internal relationships and marshal the right people and resources to close a deal

Be ready to dive into major challenges and opportunities within your industry and your thought leadership in address these issues