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Senior Manager, Flight Division Safety Programs

Honolulu, HI, USA | Hawaiian Airlines

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    Project Management
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    7-10 years
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At Hawaiian Airlines, we are all about welcoming our guests with Hawaiian hospitality and aloha, and taking care of our people, our home, and the communities we serve.Join our ‘ohana and be a part of an exciting team of professionals dedicated to serving our kama‘āina and introducing our islands to the world!

Position Summary

The Senior Manager, Flight Division Safety Programs has primary responsibility for overseeing the Flight Division SMS program as well as Flight Division’s Emergency Preparedness and Response, in compliance with FAA mandated SMS functions within Flight Division, and interfaces across departmental boundaries with other related operational functions (i.e.; maintenance, in flight, etc.) as necessary to ensure an effective and coordinated safety management program. The Senior Manager, Flight Division Safety Programs shall continuously monitor all relevant reports to identify safety risks and develop, recommend, and monitor the implementation of appropriate risk mitigation strategies as necessary to maintain appropriate margins of safety in the company’s flight operations.The incumbent will work closely with the Operations Chief Pilot and regularly report to the VP of Flight Operations on the nature and status of identified risks, as well as the overall status of the department’s Safety Management System.The Senior Manager will accomplish and document formal Safety Risk Assessments as required. The position is responsible for providing formal SMS Indoctrination training to all Flight Operations managers and shall ensure all Flight Operations managers achieve and maintain the appropriate level of SMS proficiency, with particular emphasis on Safety Risk Management (SRM) and Safety Assurance (SA). In addition, this position is responsible for the maintenance of all FAA required recordkeeping of SMS activities within Flight Division.

Key Responsibilities

• Reports to Operations Chief Pilot with responsibility for development and sustainment of Flight Division safety programs and compliance

• Oversee Flight Division’s SMS Program

• Oversee Flight Division’s Emergency Preparedness and Response

• Provides comprehensive safety direction and support to Flight Division personnel, including guidance and direction on implementing Safety Programs and promoting continuous safety improvement

• Oversee the collection and analysis of safety data obtained through the Web Based Analytical Tool (WBAT) System, to include Electronic Pilot Report of Incidents (ePRI) and Fatigue Reports, and other data sources such as Event Review Committee Recommendations and Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) data

• Continuously analyze data for safety risks in the operational environment

• Formally document and analyze risk utilizing the Safety Risk Assessment (SRA) process, and in conjunction with the appropriate functional managers, identify and develop appropriate risk mitigation strategies

• Monitor implemented risk mitigation strategies for continuing effectiveness

• Advise the Operations Chief Pilot and VP of Flight Division of any risks that approach the moderate risk level

• Prepare reports, to include the WBAT Executive Summary Report, Flight Event Classifications Report, Review and Analysis of Reported Event report, Flight Division SMS Action Log, and SRB agenda, or other reports as may be required by the Operations Chief Pilot and VP of Flight Division

• Prepare for and facilitate the monthly Flight Operations Safety Review Board; present findings, analysis, and recommendations

• Ensure the proper application of the principals of Safety Risk Management, Safety Assurance, and Safety Promotion within the Flight Division SMS program by providing and documenting all required training to Flight Operations managers, Fleet Captains, and other safety sensitive positions with Flight Division

• Serve as a liaison with the FAA principal operations inspector (POI) in matters regarding the Flight Division SMS program

• Participate in the Integrated Safety Review Board process as a representative of the Flight Operations area

• Offer possible solutions to on going operational issues to improve safety levels

• Interface with the pilot group to promote an understanding of SMS principles while encouraging effective participation in the reporting process and relaying changes and enhancements that result from the SMS program

• Act as the liaison with the safety managers of other departments to ensure consistent application of safety initiatives and best practices company-wide

Minimum Requirements

• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience

• 8+ years of airline flight operations experience

• Working knowledge of FAA Part 5 Safety Management System principles and requirements

• Working knowledge of airline flight operations, maintenance operations, airport and ATC environments

• Working knowledge of Federal Aviation Regulations for Part 121 air carriers, Operations Specifications, and Extended Twin Engine Operations (ETOPS)

• Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to effectively focus discussions on safety risks and potential mitigations while avoiding an environment of fault finding

• Ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously

• Excellent oral and written communication skills

• Strong problem solving and listening skills

• Ability to work under pressure

• Ability to work with sensitive or confidential information without inappropriate disclosure.

• Strong computer skills, working familiarity with MS Word, Excel, PDF

**Hawaiian Airlines is regulated by the Department of Transportation (DOT - regulation, 49 CFR part 40) and all applicants are advised that post-offer and/or pre-employment drug testing will be conducted to determine the presence of Marijuana, Cocaine, Opioids, PCP (Phencyclidine), and Amphetamine prior to any offer of employment or transfer into a safety-sensitive position.Failure to submit to testing or positive indications of drug use will render the applicant ineligible for employment with Hawaiian Airlines and any employment offer will be withdrawn.

Preferred Qualifications

• Part 121 Flight Operations crewmember experience

• Jet Transport pilot experience

• 2+ years of operations management experience

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