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Software Engineering - VP

Mumbai, India | J.P. Morgan

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    Financial Services
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    IT / Information Technology
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As a member of our Software Engineering Group you will dive head-first into creating innovative solutions that advance businesses and careers. You’ll join an inspiring and curious team of technologists dedicated to improving the design, analytics, development, coding, testing and application programming that goes into creating high quality software and new products. You’ll be tasked with keeping the team and other key stakeholders up to speed on the progress of what’s being developed. Coming in with an understanding of the importance of end-to-end software development-such as Agile frameworks-is key. And best of all, you’ll be working with and sharing ideas, information and innovation with our global team of technologists from all over the world

Proven experience in creating regression test framework.

· Experience of and ability to design and execute effective functional tests

· Proven ability to communicate effectively with stakeholders, to perform business analysis and produce relevant acceptance criteria  

· Experience identifying the genesis of a defect, using de-bugging tools (e.g. Firebug or rdebug),analysing stack traces, code, log-files and other artefacts

· Experience writing good quality object-oriented code, using Ruby, Java/Pythonor JavaScript 

· Understanding of databases and services (e.g.RESTful services), including the ability to programmatically interact with data formats that may include XML and JSON

· Significant experience working collaboratively in multi-disciplinary teams to deliver software development projects. Broad understanding of Agile development practices including TDD & BDD and their application. 

· Experience using test automation frameworks and tools, such as Selenium/Cucumber.

· Understanding of major browsers and browser development tools

· Working knowledge of version control systems to ensure version control of test/development artefacts (e.g. SVN), with some experience of distributed version control (i.e. git) desirable

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