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SVP, CBG-COO, Consumer Banking Group

Mumbai, India | DBS Bank

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    Banking / Investment Banking
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    Financial Services Professional
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As the leading bank in Asia, DBS Consumer Banking Group is in a unique position to help our customers realise their dreams and ambitions. As a market leader in the consumer banking business, DBS has a full spectrum of products and services, including deposits, investments, insurance, mortgages, credit cards and personal loans, to help our customers realise their dreams and aspirations at every life stage. Our financial solutions are not only the best in the business – they were made just right for you. 


• Manage and develop the Consumer Banking COO Office while developing operational activities and supporting the Bank’s strategic objectives

• Responsible for Business Operations, including formulating and implementing the business operations strategy and policies, developing new operational procedures and systems, and enhancing existing processes to achieve optimal efficiency.

• Ensure good coordination with regional office and local implementation of Regional CBG strategies / initiatives.

• Recruit and retain talents to strengthen the leadership bench strength and succession planning.

• Ensure that the business complies with internal policies, ethical standards and regulatory requirements.

• Setting up and sharpening of frauds & information security management framework and processes

• To develop an effective program through on-going process improvement to increase productivity and service level to both internal and external clients.

• Drive a “risk culture” in CBG: Develop and implement a robust risk framework consistent with the Group’s framework and regulatory requirements especially AML/KYC; continuously identifying means of making compliance more effective & efficient

• Establish and review policies, procedures and risk controls for continued fit of overall risk profile with business goals and strategies.

• Implement and facilitate risk metrics and reports, including losses and incidents, key risk exposure, control self-assessment and early warning signals.

• Anticipate changes likely to impact any aspect of back-office operations and ensure consistent standards, processes and controls.

• Liaise with senior management in front and back office to ensure business needs are met in a timely and accurate fashion.

• In consultation with Group Compliance, provide direction and management of the governance and control function.

• To work closely and proactively with business partners such as IT, Operations, Compliance etc. to ensure total client solutions and top quality delivery of clients services.

• To lead process changes related to customer complaints for identifying areas of improvement

• Re-engineer processes for a higher level operating efficiency and improved client satisfaction level

• To assist Head CBG in overall expense management control and to improve income/expense ratio and drive strategic cost management initiatives for the business

• To monitor adequacy of training programs to front-line and other support units on new and revised policies & procedural changes to achieve an effective and seamless roll-out.


• Excellent interpersonal & communication skills

• Strong leadership and management capabilities

• Is a visible leader who inspires team to develop and excel

• Ability to think strategically, analytically and across many dimensions

• Anticipates potential business / technical problems and actively performs conflict resolution and negotiation to implement innovative and effective solutions

• Good banking, financial, compliance, control & regulatory knowledge

• Good understanding of after sales service delivery, service feedback channeling, and problem resolution

• Working knowledge of risk management, including market, credit, operational, legal, regulatory, and compliance aspects and internal controls.

Detailed Description of Responsibilities:

Controls, Regulatory Compliance & Governance

Strengthening controls & governance framework and ensuring compliance to regulatory and internal guidelines

a. Building trust and then creating controls ownership & awareness and encouraging recognition of control gaps

b. Representation in bank committees and streamlining CBG forums to facilitate efficient decisioning and maintaining senior management awareness on critical items & developments

c. Involvement in design stage of new initiatives to achieve control & compliance objectives avoiding rework, proposing practical & risk-weighted approach towards gaps identified

d. Guiding business teams through governance requirements and multiple stakeholders/guidelines

e. Constant monitoring to stay compliant to internal & external reporting requirements, providing info in a timely and correct manner

f. Interfacing for audits, collaborating with business teams to address info requirements & debating observations

g. As a controls & regulatory requirements gatekeeper, regularly reviewing existing setup to identify evolving requirements

h. Constructive partnering with Audit, RMG & other teams to channelize their efforts into areas critical to CBG

i. Following a structured framework for tracking regulatory asks that need to be met

j. Holding need based staff awareness & training programs for reinforcement/new areas

Process Adherence

Acting as the first line of defense for business to introduce smart & efficient solutions for ensuring process adherence in sales and service processes

1. Marrying the big picture with tactical steps taken for continuously identifying areas and metrics to monitor on various aspects of business operations

2. Creating sharp dashboards & measures to pointedly reflect state of affairs & improvement areas

3. Efficiently utilizing in-house teams & external agencies to measure what we expect through intelligently structured reviews & report cards

4. Expanding the scope of process adherence checks, being agile in identifying thematic areas of reviews while staying conscious of cost & time implications

5. Creating the right infrastructure for CBG teams to access knowledge & information they should stay aware of, maintained in a structured & easy to access/use manner

6. Regularly engaging with teams reviewed, to ensure observations on areas of improvement are duly

a. communicated and tracked for sustained improved performance

7. Aligning local dashboards & process check exercises to group guidelines thereby making most efficient use of efforts and avoiding duplication or rework

8. Identifying & implementing tech & data based solutions for decision support to not only highlight past gaps but also predictive in nature

Frauds & AML Management

Institutionalizing a frauds risk management unit, with the objective of identifying, managing & minimizing gaps in controls and resultant issues if any

a. Thinking outside-in, and staying abreast of industry developments, trends & precursors in both digital & manual means of committing frauds

b. Continuous engagement with external partners and industry/pertinent forums to enable ideation & inspiration for focus areas internally

c. In an agile manner, duly & timely internal cascade as well applying knowledge of industry trends and solutions available, to situations & processes within the bank

d. Identifying frugal & ingenious ways to emulate otherwise high cost or time consuming vendor solutions

e. Creating data models to identify areas of scrutiny/leakages/fraud risks that emulate otherwise costly & time consuming vendor technology solutions

f. Ensuring clients & staff stay aware of fraud risks that arise in today's age, minimizing the chances of them falling prey to malpractices

g. Providing dedicated attention to AML (client & transaction screening) objectives at both transaction and process design/practice levels

h. Identifying means to make AML processes less onerous and imbibing AML awareness amongst employees so that they become partners in achieving related objectives

Strategic Cost Management

Instigating change by encouraging teams to identify more cost efficient ways of running business. Leading strategic cost management initiatives, including cost controls and process re-engineering exercises. While leading this at a strategic level, giving equal recognition and encouragement to small ticket process reengineering intents.

a. Acting as a change catalyst, identifying and pursuing big ticket strategic cost management initiatives to help CBG achieve bottomline goals

b. Maintaining controls around cost approvals & provisioning together with continuous monitoring of existing costs to identify pockets of reduction and ensure expense discipline

c. Smart prioritization of areas to pursue for cost efficiencies

d. Collaborating with various teams for creating process efficiencies, including support unit areas ? to influence indirect/allocated cost reductions

Strategic Project Management

Providing oversight and coordinating efforts for strategic projects and key initiatives run in CBG

a. Assisting CBG Head in various strategic or multi-functional projects identified, bridging tact & strategy. Stepping up to take timely & decisive actions and clear decisions providing direction to teams involved.

b. Providing coordination and tracking inputs in such projects, as well as highlighting progress, challenges & decisions taken/proposed in a timely manner to pertinent senior management

c. Representing CBG in various project committees or discussions, ensuring only meriting items or decisions/updates reach CBG Head

Talent & Stakeholder Management

Leading the Business Management Team with the objective of CBG progressing smoothly to achieve its business objectives by & whilst creating a controls & risk conscious culture in the group. Towards this goal, ensuring the team carries high levels of engagement and a connect with the overall plans. Additionally building trusting relationships with various intra-CBG and other teams through regular interactions & open dialogs, to aid seamless achievement of end goals.

a. Focusing on employees' growth, talent & performance recognition, job enrichment and timely + regular twoway communication

b. Creating cross functional expertise in the team for knowledge growth and business continuity planning

c. Capacity planning in line with business roadmap, and timely plugging in of resourcing shortages

d. Identifying and encouraging team members to take up courses & programs for value addition

e. Building collaborative & constructive working relations with key stakeholders across the group, that facilitate delivery at job as well as create a healthy & open work culture.

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