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Technical Manager

Bengaluru, India | Jones Lang LaSalle

  • Industry:
    Real Estate
  • Position Type:
  • Functions:
    Project Management
  • Experience:
    7-10 years
Job Description:
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Keeping up the pace

You’ll set the facility management team on the right track through ample engineering planning and management. You’ll drive success in terms of functionality and stability by finding new ways to improve the system and making sure that everyone knows where they stand. You need to ensure that team members can efficiently respond to all engineering challenges, at the same time comply with the policies and procedures. You’ll bring out the team player in you to keep all key performances in check.

All eyes on the plan

You’ll ensure that all risk mitigation plans are in place. Do such plans comply with our clients’ designated procedures and policies? Are all engineering reports in order? You constantly need to monitor and evaluate all critical environment equipment across the account’s site to make sure everything is running smoothly as possible. Tracking review reports should also keep you busy, as doing so is instrumental in implementing improvement plans across the sites.

Taking facilities operations up a notch

Maintaining high-quality facilities operations is your top priority. To achieve this, you’ll work closely with facilities managers to keep the reliability of facilities operations. You’re in charge of reviewing the planned preventive maintenance programmes, as well as ensuring that service standards are aligned and maintained with regional operations procedures. You’ll take the lead in pushing the “ONEVIEW” system to your staff, and use it to ensure consistency against regional policies and procedures. You’ll also be responsible for quality assurance by keeping the M&E systems in check.

Risks under control

Being an engineering manager also requires you to be on top of your risk management game. Are there any major M&E equipment risks? Is information uploaded into our systems accurate and complies with the audit process? Is the disaster recovery and business continuity planning implemented and reviewed periodically? Are escalation procedures observed? These are just some of the questions that you constantly need to ask yourself as our risk management agent.

Tracking project effectiveness

You’ll be involved in project review, execution and information documentation. You’ll keep track of the M&E portions of all project proposals, and participate in the technical aspects of the M&E portion of any project’s bidding process. It is also your job to keep project information together for future use.

Managing the team

You’ll oversee all engineering-related trainings of staff members, as well as ensure their compliance to necessary licenses and certifications. You’re also in charge of ensuring the quality of management reports through the team’s deliverables and administration of the “ONEVIEW” portal.

Sound like you? To apply, you need to be:

Experienced and client centric

You must have a university degree in engineering/facility management, with eight years’ experience in the field. You’ll need a strong grasp of client satisfaction, as you’ll constantly communicate with our stakeholders. We’ll expect you to provide them with solutions that will continuously improve their systems and save them costs. You’ll also strive to determine if we can provide them other services that may help improve their conditions further.

A strong, flexible leader

Do you have an excellent command of spoken English and Chinese languages? Are you a proactive leader who can think laterally and deliver innovative solutions? Do you have strong people skills, capable of boosting staff satisfaction and morale? If your answers are “yes” to our questions, let’s discuss how we can put your expertise into action as our engineering manager.

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