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Vice President, Revenue Enablement

New York, NY, USA | Justworks

  • Industry:
    HR / Recruitment Services
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  • Functions:
    Business Development
    General Management
  • Experience:
    7-10 years
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The VP of Revenue Enablement will improve and scale our Enablement of Sales, Customer Success, Business Development, and Self Service business at Justworks.This person will be responsible for leading the functions that train, develop, improve, and measure the success of our customer facing teams (a 400+ employee organization)You will be an expert at both acquiring and retaining customers in a service oriented way, while always prioritizing what is best for the customer and our employees.The person in this role needs to both master the art and science of a great sale, customer onboarding and overall great Customer Experience. You will level up the ability of all our Sales Development Associates (SDRs), Account Executives (AEs), Onboarders (OMs/OAs), Customer Support Reps (CSRs), Product Support Specialists (PSS) and Account Managers (AMs), in addition to other roles to achieve quarterly quota, ramp-up in new roles, deliver best-in-class service experience for our customers, and interface directly with our Product and Engineering teams to solve bugs and handle customer issues.  

You will partner with our Sales and CS leadership, Marketing, Business Operations, Product & Engineering and the rest of the leadership team in building a leading Enablement function that owns incredible revenue and customer retention results and creates new pathways for our employees to develop and grow within the organization. 

Your Success Profile

What You Will Work On

You will be responsible for driving the following:

Developing new capabilities to help us grow from 8,000 to 20,000 customers

Evaluating, building and scaling the Enablement team to ensure our customer facing teams have the right tools and skills to do their jobs most effectively

Architect how our Enablement function should operate, chart a roadmap for the organization and drive a vision on how the team can support the broader customer journey

Create a tight feedback loop between our customer facing teams and our operational teams across the organization

Design and execute what is necessary to ensure we are giving our peers in Product & Engineering the necessary feedback and intel in order to resolve customer issues quickly via our Product Support function.

Sales & CS Training

You will be responsible for working with our Director of Sales & CS Training to ensure we are onboarding people effectively and setting them up to thrive in the organization

Collaborate with other leaders to ensure we are executing top tier ongoing training and development programs

Engage with leadership to ensure we are continuing to develop manager

Sales & CS Enablement

You will be responsible for working with our Manager of Enablement to ensure the team is set up for success

Work closely with Business Operations to ensure high adoption of tooling and corresponding execution

Drive strategy across the company in coordination with other executive leadership Work closely with Business op

Build and deploy the next generation of sales/customer success plays -- architect the end-to-end sales motion that will create maximum success in winning new customers, new markets and empowering our teams

Collaborate and partner with our Quality Assurance & Coaching teams in order to ensure we are giving our customers accurate information

Own onboarding and ongoing training from rep onboarding through tenured rep achievement 

Assess skills, knowledge, process and tools required by our sales force to increase velocity and conversion rates at each stage

Additionally, you will Architect how our Enablement function should work and chart a roadmap for the organization and collaborate with our Product Support teams to ensure there is a tight feedback loop between our customer facing teams and Product & Engineering

How You Will Do Your Work

As a Vice President, Revenue Enablement, how results are achieved is paramount for your success and ultimately result in our success as an organization. In this role, your foundational knowledge, skills, abilities and personal attributes are anchored in the following competencies:

Good judgement - the exercise of critical thinking, analyzing and assessing problems and implications, identifying patterns, making connections of underlying issues, understanding risks and developing mitigation strategies, and taking ownership of the outcome.

Detail-oriented - exercises extreme attention to detail; is thorough, accurate, organized, and productive and seeks to understand both the cause and effect of a situation.

Foundational sales knowledge - the specific set of sales skills (prospecting, cold calling, nurturing, engaging, presenting, negotiating, closing etc) and knowledge (product, markets, trends, business etc) a person possesses to enact the exchange of value between a buyer and the vendor.

Results-driven - consistently achieves results, even under difficult circumstances.

Clear communication - the ability to articulate thoughts and express ideas effectively using oral, written, visual and non-verbal communication skills, as well as listening skills to gain understanding.

In addition, all Justworkers focus on aligning their behaviors to our core values known as COGIS. It stands for:

Camaraderie - Day to day you can be seen working together toward a higher purpose. You like to have fun. You’re an active listener, treat people respectfully, and have a strong desire to know and help others.

Openness - Your default is to be open. You're willing to share information, understand other perspectives, and consider new possibilities. You’re curious, ask open questions, and are receptive to thoughts and feedback from others.

Grit - You demonstrate grit by having the courage to commit and persevere. You’re committed, earnest, and dive in to get the job done well with a positive attitude.

Integrity - Simply put, do what you say and say what you'll do. You’re honest and forthright, have a strong moral compass, and strive to match your words with your actions while leading by example. 

Simplicity - Be like Einstein: “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.” 


Minimum of 7 years of experience leading sales enablement organizations, with a strong background in software go-to-market strategy and Customer Success 

Experience building, scaling, and managing a Sales Enablement and/or CS Enablement team in software or other relevant industry

Top-class problem-solver -- quickly translate ambiguity into insight and actionable recommendations 

Experienced with sales, CS and mktg functions in high-growth startups (a builder vs. optimizer) -- and in teaming effectively with multiple revenue and retention functions 

Experience developing sales plays and campaigns -- well versed in standard playbooks but build for situational impact 

Expert in tactical sales and cs skills training & coaching, including scripting of call plans and rebuttals

Proven expertise with teaching, coaching and training sales and client service methodologies

Top-class analytics skills - understand the importance of data and acumen and make decisions this way

Please Note: Justworks requires all new hires to be fully vaccinated within six weeks of their hire date as a condition of employment unless you qualify for a reasonable accommodation

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