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VP Devops and Automation

N/A, United Kingdom | Leading Airlines/Aviation/Aerospace Company

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Drive the DevOps implementation to deliver significant business, technical, innovative and cultural benefits and unite agile, continuous delivery, and automation to help the development and operations teams achieve greater speed, efficiency and quality while delivering higher value to customers. The VP DevOps and Automation drives the digital enablement, software development and deployment lifecycle of technology platforms to provide the Leading Airlines/Aviation/Aerospace Company with competitive advantage through increased business agility and minimised revenue leakage. The VP Dev Ops and Automation works across Technology to identify and provide the central functionalities to developers such as logging, deployment pipelines and environment automation to enable teams to focus on the design, development, deployment, and support of our products/applications and underlying enterprise applications. 


1.Create and drive across Technology best industry standards for DevOps and Automation ensuring continuous integration, delivery, infrastructure configuration management and deployment automation. Develop and implement creative and innovative technical solutions that solve problems which developers, QA teams and other technical teams face while ensuring complete customer centricity.

2.Build and lead a DevOps team/capability leveraging best industry standards to use automation to speed up the delivery of environments and technology solutions that enable delivery at pace and high quality by creating a single operations self-service portal of all services to radically overhaul the software delivery lifecycle.

3.As a technical leader and centre of excellence in DevOps guide and help solve technical complex problems in real-time. Lead, coach, and mentor a team of DevOps professionals, providing continuous feedback and facilitating professional development. 

4.Enable DevOps and continuous integration and continuous delivery best practice to be followed and champion DevOps engineering best practice and migration to cloud. Enforce common standards across all technology groups and teams by using global best practice in the DevOps competencies to deliver tangible business benefits.

5.Enable CI/CD by automating development and engineering practices that help developers and teams to release new changes to environments quickly, efficiently and in a sustainable way. Enable developers to integrate code into a shared repository several times a day and drive the automated release process resulting in the delivery of new code and applications at any point by ensuring strategic CI/CD tooling are fully integrated, creating significant savings and eliminating manual errors.

6.Lead the migration of existing on-premise services to on-cloud services in collaboration with the hybrid cloud team to achieve cost efficiency, improved quality, a more productive engineering workforce and faster project delivery.

7.Drive the development and improvement of new and existing applications working closely with the engineering and hybrid cloud teams. 

8.Lead cloud provisioning requirements and technical design as a key enabler for improving time to market and delivery quality.

9.Participate in Agile release train (ART) planning, and retrospective of an initiative to radically improve software delivery speed, create greater efficiency and improved qualityacross multiple programmes.





 Computer Science or related field (a higher degree i.e Masters/PhD would be advantageous)


DevOps and automation at scale 


• Understanding of systems performance tuning and analysis

• IT Architectural (Low-Level design)

• Scripting / System-Programming (such as Bash, Python, Go)

• System Administration (Patching/Upgrading/RCA/Performance Optimization)

• Cloud Platforms (such as Azure, AWS, Google)

• Databases (such as Oracle, Mongo, Postgres, MySQL)

• Monitoring (Implementation of Monitoring Solutions / Metric Driven alerting)

• CI/CD (Understanding Pipeline design)

• Infrastructure provisioning tools (such as Puppet, Ansible, Packer, Terraform)

• Logging (Splunk/Kibana)

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