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VP Engineering – Integrated Solutions Delivery - Hux

New York City, NY, USA | Deloitte Consulting

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Hux aims to bring together all of a client’s marketing and customer interaction data to create a single view of their customers. This brings together data across multiple channels, datastores and vendors from traditional sources such as transactional retail records and tag manager media events through to call center voice logs and in-store activity logs. Hux then uses that data to power BI reports, automated machine learning pipelines and decision processes that optimize marketing outcomes and customer experiences for our clients.

The solutions typically need to ingest and organize customer data to support high quality BI for human decision support, as well as supporting automated machine learning and decisioning pipelines that control interactions that occur via partner touch-points such as Facebook & Google AdTech, web, email, call center, PoS, in-store, CTV, and DOOH. The client solutions typically involve CDPs and pipelines for customer interaction decisioning based on millions or billions of customer events, with a mix of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data types.

Role Specifics

· Development of robust integrated solutions for the Hux Platform Organization:

o Evaluation of vendor and alliance partner technologies, including the native technologies of the major cloud vendors.

o Oversight of common client solution architectures and their evolution.

o Ensuring solutions are compatible with privacy requirements (GDPR, CCPA)

o Ensuring solutions meet the enterprise security requirements of clients

o Ensuring solutions integrate well with the technologies of our major alliance partners such as Adobe and Salesforce where appropriate

· Delivering scalable big-data solutions for real time decisioning and analytics in client cloud environments (AWS, GCP or Azure).

· Advising and supporting Deloitte implementation and services technologists on our approach to data, decisioning and solution delivery (technologies and vendors used, architecture, native cloudtechnologies, privacy, security, deployment, monitoring, etc.)

· Fostering a culture of best practice around solution architectures, deployment and management for the entire Hux platform organization.

· Promoting standardized approaches and maximum reuse of technology components.  

· Ensuring ease of configuration, ease of deployment, ease of ongoing management, large enterprise scalability and maximum repeatability of these client solutions

· Ensuring solutions are well documented

Skills and Experience

· Extensive senior leadership experience delivering large scale data and decisioning solutions for large enterprises.

· Proven success delivering large scale solutions of this type in at least one of AWS GCP, Azure.

· Extensive knowledge of the big data and ML ecosystem, the key vendors, technologies and industry trends.

· Knowledge of Adobe, Salesforce, or other large MarTech/AdTech/Analytics cloud-centric offerings

· Excellent communication skills

· Credibility with senior technology executives of large enterprises

· Hands-on experience of:

o Traditional RDBMS such as Postgres, Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, etc.

o Big data stores such as Cassandra, Redshift, Impala, BigQuery, Hbase, etc.

· Hands-on experience building and deploying automated decision pipelines

· Experience deploying data stores that satisfy the privacy and security requirements of large enterprises.

 VP Engineering – Integrated Solutions – Role & Responsibilities

We are looking for a VP Engineering to take ownership of developing integrated client solutions within the Hux Platform Organization to ensure we are delivering best-of-breed solutions around marketing data management, marketing decisioning and experience management, from capture and storage through to security and privacy. A core goal of Hux is to deliver solutions which live within the client’s own private cloud and give them transparent ownership of their data and marketing decisioning. Hux solutions must therefore be flexible and cloud agnostic.

In addition to managing the development of performant client solutions within the engineering organization the role will involve working directly with our clients’ senior technologists to advise them on our approach and educate them on good data practices.

This VP’s team will interface with client service teams via the VP Product and Deloitte’s senior implementation team members.The VP Engineering – Integrated Solutions, will be closer to client delivered solutions than any of the other engineering VPs, and will be the authority on efficient integrated configurations of core Hux technology.The VP’s team will also provide a means by which new components required by clients may be rapidly developed using a scalable team of India-based heads.The VP may also have ownership of the central GitHub code repository for the entire Hux engineering team, the management of submissions to that repository from client service members, the quality control of those components, and the integration and testing of components considered to offer greatest reusable value.

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