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Qualitative Engagements

  • Events & Round Tables
  • Remote Consultations
  • In Person Consultations
  • Online Focus Groups
  • In Person Focus Groups
  • Ethnographics
  • Data Analysis
  • Multi-Lingual Moderation
  • Translations & Transcriptions
  • Programming
  • Online Surveys
  • CATI
  • Phone to Web
  • Trackers
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Case Studies


A strategic advisory client requested N=20 CIO/CISOs from 5000+ employees corporations to participate in a 3-day online discussion board about the future of cloud technology.

The experts, who were from various Fortune 500 companies, were to participate in interactive discussions directly with both the moderator and their peers for a total of ~2h.

Ivy Exec was able to secure the full quota in two weeks and ensure that all N=20 completed all engagements on time.

Life Sciences

A client doing consultancy work in the healthcare industry requested N=35 Lab Directors from small, large, reference, and community hospital labs to complete 45-minute Telephone IDIs.

The Lab Directors, who came from different specialties, organizations, and geographic locations, was engaging with the client via their computers so that the moderator could show visual stimuli for the respondents to react to and comment on.

Ivy Exec recruited and completed all N=35 plus N=2 extra respondents in less than three weeks.


A large research firm asked requested to speak with N=50+ Financial Advisors, N=50+ Financial Advisors focused on HNW Individuals, and N=50+ HNW Individuals for 60 Minute Telephone/Web IDIs and 1:1 In-Person IDIs.

All of the respondent’s various asset and AUM and Asset brackets. Ivy Exec recruited all of the respondents across the United countries in 4 – weeks.


A client came is Ivy Exec looking to speak with N=10, James Beard Award winning chefs. The engagement entailed having each chef work with a specific product that would be mailed to them.

Once they received the product, the respondents were required to vlog themselves using the product for a dish of their choice and give a 20 – Minute review.

Certain engagements would be used a large industry conference. Ivy Exec secured all N=10 respondents within 3 weeks.

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VP - Business Development - Market Insights

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Director - Business Development - Market Insights

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Manager - Market Insights - Consulting Vertical

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Associate - Business Development - Market Insights

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Associate - Business Development - Market Insights

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Associate - Business Development - Market Insights

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Associate - Market Insights

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Associate - Market Insights

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Associate - Market Insights

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Project Manager - Recruitment Marketing - Higher Ed

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Research Support - Market Insights