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3 Steps to Managing Career Anxiety in Uncertain Times

June 23, 2020

3 Steps to Managing Career Anxiety in Uncertain Times

Are you experiencing work-related stress and/or anxiety during this time? If any of these challenges resonate with you, you are not alone:

·      Difficulty integrating your work habits into your home life 
·      Worry about losing your job
·      Fear that you won't be able to find a new job
·      Anxiety over your career's direction and progression

Join us for this paradigm- shifting webinar with Executive Coach, Avery Roth, in which you will learn her proprietary three-step framework for calming stress/anxiety, finding clarity, and moving into productive action. You can also schedule a session directly with Avery and take advantage of her exclusive offer for Ivy Exec viewers at https://resume.ivyexec.com/coaching-avery-roth/

You will learn:
·      How judgment is our biggest enemy
·      Why self- awareness is key for achieving calm
·      How mindfulness can help you move into action
·      Tools and tips to help you move forward from stress to progress

About Presenter:

Avery Roth is an Executive Coach whose expertise is mindset work and meditation as tools for overcoming internal blocks and achieving fulfillment. She is a former investment banker, strategy consultant, and start-up founder and is prized by her clients for bridging their comfort zone of the business world to the growth edge of becoming comfortable managing internal dynamics. She combines her proprietary strategy frameworks and sharp business chops with tools such as mindfulness, meditation, brain-based coaching, and loving-kindness to guide clients to major breakthroughs resulting in career fulfillment. She has been a featured speaker and writer with organizations such as Fortune Magazine, Fast Company, and Harvard University, and offers coaching and consulting services to individuals and organizations through Ivy Exec and her private practice: http://www.averyroth.com

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