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Age-Proofing Your Brand: How to Play the Game Your Way [2019 Edition]

January 29, 2019

Age-Proofing Your Brand: How to Play the Game Your Way [2019 Edition]


Let’s be honest: ageism is a very real thing, and it holds back the careers of passionate, highly qualified people every day. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

You see, the trap older professionals fall into is trying to warp their career platform (especially their Resume, LinkedIn, and Interview Strategy) to fit within the artificial confines of a perfect job, or a perfect company, or whatever the “ideal candidate” might be...when they should really be going in the exact OPPOSITE direction. 

Be boldly original. 

Focus on the unique power and perspective only YOU can bring. 

And plant a flag as a truly “1-of-1” candidate. 

Because when they can’t place you into a box, when you bring something that is all yours and uniquely valuable to the table...you win. 

In this jam-packed webinar, Anish Majumdar, the Career Coach to the Fiercely Ambitious, will show you some practical ways to build and leverage a truly “age-proof” brand. 

You’ll learn:

  • The MUST DO Resume change that will completely transform the amount of attention you receive, and the quality of conversations you have with hiring managers. 
  • The “beacons of trust” you can activate on LinkedIn to quickly build credibility with key decision-makers.
  • The greatest defense you have against ageism, which you can get up-and-running immediately and use in nearly every career situation...that you’re NOT using. 
  • Simple behavioral changes you can make to your interview strategy that will make sure they remember you...and want to extend an offer before you’re snapped up.

About Presenter:

Anish Majumdar is an executive coach and speaker who specializes in helping people take the reins of their career, and generate new opportunities at will. He is amongst the Top 1% of Career Experts on LinkedIn. As a former journalist and film/tv actor, he understands how challenging it can be to communicate your unique worth...and the life-changing power that’s unleashed when you do. Check out his career videos at HelloAnish.com, and and connect with him on LinkedIn to receive daily career tips and advice. 

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