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The 2016 Best Consulting
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Are Women's Careers More Vulnerable Due To COVID-19?

May 12, 2020

Are Women's Careers More Vulnerable Due To COVID-19?

A great crisis provides opportunities for people to take the extra step to help one another. This webinar focuses on how we all can ensure that women’s careers are protected and built up as we engage Covid-19’s fundamental reorganization of the workplace.

Are Women's Careers More Vulnerable Due To COVID-19?

Women have long struggled for equity in the workplace, and this pandemic is exacerbating the challenge. Hospitality. Travel. Education. Non-profits. Healthcare. This downturn is disproportionally impacting industries largely staffed by women. More women are losing jobs, and those working at home face increased childcare demands. Women need help and support through this crisis, and they need it quickly.

Featuring a panel of female executives, this webinar will cover the biggest challenges facing women and how companies can mitigate the strains of the now normal. You’ll learn how:

  • • Women can maximize their value during the pandemic.
  • • Leaders can engage their peers to help women’s advancement during this pandemic and beyond.
  • • Female leaders can support emerging women leaders and each other during this time of isolation.
  • • Best practices for implementing crisis communication, and how it affects women differently.

This webinar is for leaders and emerging leaders of all backgrounds and identities from all industries. Participants will gain insight into the gender and ethnic disparities being exacerbated by the pandemic, and how they can take an active role in building a better future for women in the workforce. 

About Presenters:

Nichole Barnes Marshall is Vice President and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer for L Brands, the world-renowned retailer of Victoria’s Secret, PINK and Bath and Body Works. She leads the development and implementation of inclusion and diversity strategies for L Brands’ 80,000 associates worldwide. Nichole has a robust background with 20 years of expertise in Diversity and Inclusion leadership, Talent Acquisition and Community Relations. 

Dr. Rachel Talton is CEO of the award-winning firm Synergy Marketing Strategy & Research, Inc. She has been featured as an expert in brand strategy and market research on ABC News, Fox News, in The Cleveland Plain Dealer, Crain’s and MBA Magazine, amongst many others. An author of several practitioner and academic articles, her first book, Beyond Extraordinary: A Blueprint to Flourish in Business and in Life was published in 2015 and her #1 Amazon bestseller, Flourish: Have it All Without Losing Your Self was published in January 2016. She is also CTO (Chief Transformation Officer) of the Flourish Conference for Women in Leadership and Flourish Foundation. 

Barbara Singer is the founder and CEO of Executive Core and leads a group of 150 global professionals whose mission is to more quickly innovate professional development. In the last 20 years, Barbara has worked with thousands of high-potential leaders around the globe at critical turning points in their careers, served EMBAC, UNICON and Part-time associations, and is faculty at the University of Notre Dame.

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