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Beyond Mad Men: The Necessity of Multidimensional Marketing

October 20, 2020

Beyond Mad Men: The Necessity of Multidimensional Marketing

In today’s chaotic world of marketing, it is important more than ever to move our thinking about marketing beyond the Don Draper/Mad Men era and the fluffy statements of contemporary marketing “gurus”.

Watch this webinar, where we explore the implications of thinking about the market as a complex system and learn how to: 

-   Scientifically analyze consumers journeys in both breadth and depth

-   Broaden our lens to consider the importance of collaborators and social groups

-   Extract information from observed behaviors in ways that are both realistic and rigorous

We have also shared results from new research that shows the importance of applying these complex systems ideas to developing our emerging understanding of marketing, consumers, and the market as a whole.

About Presenter:

Cait Lamberton is the Alberto I. Duran Presidential Distinguished Professor of Marketing at The Wharton School, where she has taught dynamic marketing strategy and consumer behavior at the MBA and Ph.D. levels. Dr. Lamberton’s research focuses on a wide range of consumption topics, ranging from the idea of marketplace dignity to the effect of participation in the sharing economy on consumer well-being. Recently, she was named a Marketing Science Institute Scholar, received the American Marketing Association’s Erin Anderson Award for the field’s top female scholar-mentor, and was a winner of the AMA-EBSCO Responsible Research in Marketing as well as the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing’s Thomas Kinnear Prize. Dr. Lamberton also acts as a consultant, primarily in the finance and pharmaceutical domains, and has participated in the National Academy of Science, Engineering and Medicine’s commission on Reducing Food Waste in the US.

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