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Beyond the Horizon: Global Megatrends and What They Mean for Business

June 18, 2013

Beyond the Horizon: Global Megatrends and What They Mean for Business

Will your business survive the looming global megatrends?

What kind of manager will you need to be to help your business thrive in the future? Companies will only continue to be successful in the future if they understand the changes that are taking place and take action to adapt to the fast-changing business environment.

In this class, Professor Joe Nellis, an economist from Cranfield School of Management in the UK, will help managers to focus on developments beyond the horizon. Professor Nellis will address future trends such as:

  • The realignment of economic activity from West to East 
  • The growth in demand for public services in emerging economies
  • The rise of a billion new consumers in the next decade
  • The dramatic growth in the talent pool from emerging economies
  • New global alliances and business models
  • Dwindling natural resources -Diminishing trust in big business
  • The growing importance of good corporate governance
  • The need to manage complexity effectively

About Presenter:

Professor Joe Nellis specialises in global macroeconomics and the business environmental analysis at Cranfield School of Management. Former Director of Graduate Programmes, Academic Dean of the School and the University’s Pro-Vice Chancellor, Joe is now Professor of International Management Economics, Director of the Policy, Strategy & Performance Academic Community and sits on the School’s Executive Board.

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