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Brands & Narratives Amidst Uncertainty & Disruption

November 18, 2020

Brands & Narratives Amidst Uncertainty & Disruption

In this era of disruption: brands are constantly contested by consumers. Consumers can often appropriate and sometimes change the brand narrative in ways unintended by the brand’s legal owners.

Watch this webinar, led by Pepperdine Professor of Marketing, Dr. Cristel Russell, where she addressed how to survive in an age of uncertainty by evolving to become anti-fragile. She also addressed:

  • How to derive strength from brand stressors
  • What are brands? They’re not just legal entities, everything can be branded, including us: human brands.
  • Accepting that the brand ‘owner’ does not control the narrative, brands live in the marketplace
  • How to monitor a brand in the market to assert some control over the narratives

About Presenter:

Cristel is a leading researcher at the intersection of entertainment and marketing. She is keenly interested in how people consume stories: narrative processing, persuasion, the experience of narratives and their methodological use to understand lived experiences and identify processes such as resilience or addiction.

Cristel has published over 60 academic articles in numerous business and health and prevention-focused journals and is an associate editor for the Journal of Advertising. She also serves on the editorial review boards of the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, the Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, and the International Journal of Advertising.

She has received funding for her research on the social, psychological and cultural factors that influence the consumption of alcohol and other substances on vulnerable populations through grants from the United States' National Institutes of Health and France's Institut National du Cancer. In 2018, she was awarded a Marie Curie fellowship from the European Union for a project on media literacy for at-risk youth.

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