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Coaching Prospective Students: How to Adapt Graduate Recruitment in Uncertain Times

April 2, 2020

Coaching Prospective Students: How to Adapt Graduate Recruitment in Uncertain Times

Higher Education is facing an unprecedented recruitment environment. Overcoming the potential challenges ahead will require adapting your approach to address the heightened uncertainty a prospective student is now facing both personally and professionally.

Ivy Exec, in collaboration with Executive Core invites you to participate in our online session presented by Barbara Singer to explore how Adaptive Coaching creates an empowering recruitment environment allowing you to coach prospective students to drive their own development with enhanced confidence in their decisions.

Join us to discuss:

- How to apply basic coaching techniques to address the rapidly changing mindset of your prospective students

- The differences between coaching, consulting, problem solving and recruiting/sales

- Influence and engagement styles that enhance a coaching approach

- Understanding Directive vs Non-Directive coaching styles

About Presenter:

Barbara Singer is the founder and CEO of Executive Core and leads a group of 150 global professionals whose mission is to more quickly innovate professional development. In the last 20 years, Barbara has worked with thousands of high-potential leaders around the globe at critical turning points in their careers, served EMBAC, UNICON and Part-time associations, and is faculty at the University of Notre Dame.

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