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Connected Leadership: How Professional Relationships Underpin Executive Success

February 16, 2021; 12:00 PM-1:00 PM EST

Successful leaders know that their success, whether in their role or their career, is underpinned by strong relationships. Whether with colleagues, clients, suppliers, investors or others, if you have a network developed on deep relationships, you then have people who will refer you, advocate for you, feed you advice and insights and support you in whatever ways you need.

In this presentation based on his recent book, Andy Lopata explores the fundamentals of building, nurturing and leveraging strong professional relationships for career success. During the session he looks at:

-  How develop a network of relationships with people who are in a position to help you, want to help you and know how and when to help you.
- The mindset you carry into relationship-building and how it affects the opportunities that come your way.
-  How to identify and fill the gaps in your network.
-  The 7 Stages of Professional Relationships.
-  What holds us back from allowing people to help and support us. 

Connected Leadership: How Professional Relationships Underpin Executive Success>
49 W38th Street, Floor 12A New York NY 10016

About Presenter:

A specialist in professional relationships and networking for over 20 years, Andy Lopata was called ‘one of Europe’s leading business networking strategists’ by the Financial Times and ‘a true master of networking’ by the Independent and Forbes.com. A very experienced international speaker, Andy is the author of five books, has been quoted in a number of other business books and regularly quoted in the international press. Andy is President of the Fellows Community of the Professional Speaking Association UK & Ireland (PSA) and a Fellow of the Learning and Performance Institute as well as a Master of the Institute for Sales Management. He is also one of just 26 recipients of the PSA’s top honour, the ‘Award of Excellence’.