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Cracking the Code of Executive Hiring: What You Need to Know to Land a Senior-Level Role

June 20, 2019

Cracking the Code of Executive Hiring: What You Need to Know to Land a Senior-Level Role

The problem with trying to land an executive role is that everyone tells you what you need to PERFORM in the role (get that MBA, get more operations experience under your belt) but almost nothing about what it takes to actually LAND it!

That's not an accident.

As the traditional barriers that keep newcomers out of the executive suite have begun to disintegrate, new codes have come into play. They are not obvious. And unless you understand them and can POSITION YOUR BRAND and EXECUTE THE SEARCH in a way that communicates this understanding, you will never be treated as an insider. In this eye-opening webinar, Anish Majumdar, Career Coach to the Fiercely Ambitious, will teach you:

-The perspective shift you MUST make to allow your experience and unique value to resonate at the executive level.

-The 5 common executive resume mistakes that immediately get you marked as an outsider. Success at this level often means BREAKING the "good rules" we've been taught about resumes. I'll show you what to focus on here.

-How to handle hard questioning about a lack of experience or relevant leadership background.

-How to use LinkedIn as your PRIVATE CHANNEL for connecting with and initiating dialogue with other executives. Over 80% of executive roles are filled before they ever make it to a job posting. It's essential to have a plan for tapping into that.  

-Powerful behavioral strategies you can use during every interview to understand exactly where you're at in the process, and actively PIVOT the conversation as necessary toward an outcome. If you've ever gotten the runaround from an employer, then this is for you.  

-Best Practices and case studies from my 10+ years spent helping high-performers reach the executive suite...and do it with their sanity and self-esteem intact!

About Presenter:

Anish Majumdar is an executive coach and speaker who specializes in helping people take the reins of their career, and generate new opportunities at will. He is amongst the Top 1% of Career Experts on LinkedIn. As a former journalist and film/tv actor, he has struggled with entering completely new fields, communicating what sets you apart, and playing the “hidden game” of getting ahead- and knows the transformative potential that is unleashed when you do. Check out his career videos at HelloAnish.com, and connect with him on LinkedIn to receive daily career tips and advice.

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