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Creating Your North Star: How to Land Job Offers with Meaning

October 17, 2019

Creating Your North Star: How to Land Job Offers with Meaning

Is the goal of a job search to land some job, any job...or the RIGHT job? Problem is, we start out without an accurate compass, get waylaid by the hundred different things we’re “supposed” to be doing (instead of the 3 or 4 things that actually matter), and by the time an employer presents an offer we’re just desperate to have the whole ordeal over with.

Many employers are COUNTING on it. It’s why they keep lowballing new employees while underpaying current ones- they figure your fear of the job market outweighs your desire to create a better life for you and your loved ones.

You don’t have to play their game! In this information-packed webinar that will challenge your preconceptions at every turn, Anish Majumdar, Career Coach to the Fiercely Ambitious, will teach you a better way.

You’ll learn:

-How to create a NORTH STAR that accurately answers the question, “What types of roles should I be going after and industries should I be targeting?” Most jobseekers UNDERVALUE their true worth in the marketplace; it’s time to correct that.

-”Boats vs. Beacons” How to tap into the TRUE POWER of what you’re bringing to the table, and communicate it in a way that gives you an unbeatable edge over the competition. Includes Resume and LinkedIn Best Practices and examples.

-How to transform a static work history into an action-packed series of CORE STORIES. Stories are at the heart of a great executive brand, and essential for developing C-suite and key decision-maker relationships (you know, the people who can actually tap you into the 80% of roles that never make it to a job posting). Includes Interview Best Practices.

-How to actively VET FOR STRONG CULTURE FIT during interviews, and avoid the “PR speak" to identify those companies that actually talk the walk.

-How to avoid compromising your values and maintain integrity throughout every stage of the hiring process. You have a 50/50 role to play here- will you step up and claim your power?

About Presenter:

Anish Majumdar is an executive career coach who specializes in helping people generate opportunities with real meaning and impact. He is amongst the Top 1% of Career Experts on LinkedIn. As a former journalist and film/tv actor, he has struggled with entering completely new fields, communicating what sets you apart, and playing the “hidden game” of getting ahead- and knows the transformative benefits that are unleashed when you do. Check out his career videos at HelloAnish.com, and connect with him on LinkedIn to receive daily career tips and advice.

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