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Dealing with Uncertainty and Risk - The New Leadership Behaviors

August 21, 2012

Dealing with Uncertainty and Risk - The New Leadership Behaviors

How do you lead in a volatile environment? What behaviors can help you to cut through clutter and think clearly about your vision and plans in the midst of risk, while still encouraging innovation?

This class will provide strategies on how leaders can minimize outside distractions and focus on competencies with critical thinking and searching questions to become a stronger leader. Recognizing the qualities that make effective leaders will help you to develop your own leadership style.

About Presenter:

Scott Kiefer is a Vice-President with The Oliver Group and oversees strategic consulting. Scott consults on executive and management levels to implement the Predictive Index® systems and works with leaders to create performance improvement strategies. He has extensive experience with designing and delivering high-impact solutions that fundamentally change how leaders run their businesses.

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