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Effective Networking Strategies for Executives

June 5, 2012

Effective Networking Strategies for Executives

Networking is vital to success in an ever challenging business environment across all levels of your career.

But, unlike what most think, networking is not about asking for something. It's about building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships of give and take, with the emphasis on the give.

Watch this class to learn strategies for experienced executives to build and strengthen your networking skills.

Effective Networking Strategies for Executives>
49 W38th Street, Floor 12A New York NY 10016

About Presenter:

Connie Thanasoulis-Cerrachio is co-founder of SixFigureStart, a career and success coaching firm. Connie uses her 25 years of Fortune 500 recruiting experience to give you expertise in your job search.

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