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Ethics and the Financial Crisis

October 29, 2020

Ethics and the Financial Crisis

The financial debacle of 2008 and the fallout it caused to our economic infrastructure has prompted increased concern of corporate moral and social responsibility and increased scrutiny of organizational behavior and the lack of ethical leadership exhibited by companies we previously held in high esteem.

There is a zero tolerance and societal concern towards unethical behavior. Unethical behavior has a high cost: lack of trust on the part of customers, the public as well as employees. Diminishing loyalties mean fewer profits and less engaged employees.

Based on Richard’s true life experience as the Citigroup Whistleblower and client case studies, this no holds barred presentation will focus on:

- The costs of unethical leadership and the steps an organization needs to take to instill guiding principles that become part of the corporate culture.

- The slippery slope that leads to a lack of ethical culture and how to prevent this from happening within an organization.

- The ethical conflicts many investment advisors face in their role in guiding customer’s investment decisions.

About Presenter:

Richard Bowen is a Professor of Accounting at The University of Texas at Dallas and is a popular speaker in the field of business ethics. He has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Texas Tech University and a Master of Business Administration from The University of Texas at Austin. He is also a Certified Public Accountant in the State of Texas, and was named 2012 CPA of the Year by the Texas Society of CPA’s. Mr. Bowen has been described in the news media, including the Wall Street Journal, CBS Evening News, and 60 Minutes, as the Citigroup whistleblower who repeatedly warned Citi executive management, beginning in 2006, about risky business practices and potential losses related to mortgage sales and securitizations.

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