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From Self-Doubt to Confidence & Credibility

July 11, 2019

From Self-Doubt to Confidence & Credibility

As a smart, highly accomplished woman, experiencing self-doubt for too long can feel unsettling and endanger your career. 

You might be gripped by self-doubt at times like these:

  • You’ve been hired into a demanding new role, and you’re not sure how to succeed in it.
  • You’ve changed groups at work and have to navigate a whole new cast of characters—at least one of them is wreaking havoc for you.
  • You’re reporting to a new manager or leadership team and you’ve gotten off to a rocky start.
  • You’ve taken on a challenging project and you feel overwhelmed or scattered.

In situations like these, your professional landscape has shifted. It’s like being an actress showing up on a new stage, without knowing your lines, your role, or the characters around you. 

Shifts and transitions of this nature can cause you to:

  • Second-guess yourself.
  • Wonder if you’re doing something wrong.
  • Feel worried that you might fail.

So, what do you do to feel strong and confident? 

Join Dr. Susan Bernstein for a webinar where you’ll learn:

  • Why certain high-achieving women are prone to self-doubt.
  • What are the most common triggers that tend to challenge women’s confidence.
  • How to create a mindset that helps you stay strong through difficult times.
  • How to approach these kinds of unfamiliar situations and use them to build your credibility and confidence.

About Presenter:

Dr. Susan Bernstein specializes in guiding emerging and established leaders to navigate challenges and obstacles at work, and helping them to boost their confidence and elevate their leadership. She’s worked with mid- to senior-level leaders at companies like Accenture, Google, Intel, ZS, McKinsey, Pacific Gas & Electric, and Wells Fargo. She brings her clients a blend of strategic and psychological insights, with her combination of an MBA from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and a PhD in Mind-Body Psychology from the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute. As a veteran of demanding leadership roles at companies including Intel, Accenture, and Franklin-Covey, she understands the pressures to perform and supports her clients with wisdom and empathy. You’ll find her find her thought leadership in publications including Fast Company, The Huffington Post, and Psychology Today. 

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