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How to Get Promoted for Women

October 2, 2018

How to Get Promoted for Women

These days, getting promoted requires more than just working hard, keeping your head down, and doing a great job. And for women, the path can be even more challenging.

In most cases, it’s still a male-dominated world with men deciding who gets promoted, who gets mentored and how to measure success. Against this backdrop, women need to be prepared, focused and strategic in how they approach promotions. 

That’s why we’ve arranged for May Busch, former COO of Morgan Stanley Europe, to present a special webinar on Tuesday October 2nd to help you land your next promotion. 

After her successful corporate career, May is now a sought-after executive coach, speaker, advisor and author. And in this free webinar, May will reveal the secrets that women need to know for becoming promotion-ready. 

Join us to discover: 

  • The informal, unspoken criteria for promotion that can hold you back if you don’t know what they are
  • 5 elements of positioning yourself for promotion successfully
  • 3 kinds of people you need to have on board who can make or break your promotion chances

About Presenter:

May Busch is a sought-after executive coach, speaker, advisor, author, and former COO of Morgan Stanley Europe. Her passion is helping people succeed in their career and life. May’s book, ACCELERATE: 9 Capabilities to Achieve Success at Any Career Stage, helps identify, understand and master the hidden skills needed to get and stay ahead. Find her on MayBusch.com and follow her on Twitter at @maybusch.

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