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How to Land Your Dream Job During Difficult Times

April 29, 2020

How to Land Your Dream Job During Difficult Times

Incredible career successes are still forged during periods of great uncertainty and stress. 
If you’re underpaid, undervalued, or are just sick and tired of being pigeonholed by employers, recruiters and bosses who just don’t get it….the time to strike is NOW. There will never be a better opportunity to RESET THE TABLE your way. 
Join Anish Majumdar, Career Coach to the Fiercely Ambitious, on this eye-opening masterclass where you’ll learn:

-Why difficult times are the BEST time to radically level up your career prospects and finally land that sought-after dream role. 
-A fast path for tapping into the hidden job market that doesn’t crumble in the face of the coronavirus or industry recession. 

-The one change that will stop you being treated as just another job seeker and start you getting seen as the UNIQUELY VALUABLE expert that you are.
-How to get beyond defense mechanisms and “wait and see” tactics deployed by hiring managers and recruiters.

-The 3 things you must provide 100% clarity on in order to move to offer NOW (not when its convenient for an employer). 

About Presenter:

Anish Majumdar is an executive coach and speaker who specializes in helping people take the reins of their career, and generate new opportunities at will. He is amongst the Top 1% of Career Experts on LinkedIn. As a former journalist and film/tv actor, he has struggled with entering completely new fields, communicating what sets you apart, and playing the “hidden game” of getting ahead- and knows the transformative potential that is unleashed when you do. Connect with him on LinkedIn to receive daily career tips and advice.

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