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How to Transition from Consulting to C-Suite

October 18, 2022; 12:00 PM-1:00 PM EDT

Susan Wojcicki (CEO of YouTube), Frank Appel (CEO of Deutsche Post DHL), Indra Nooyi (former CEO of PepsiCo), Mario Greco (CEO of Zurich Insurance), Nancy McKinstry (CEO of Wolters Kluwer)… What do these high-profile CEOs share in common? They all worked as strategy or management consultants before transitioning to the C-suite of global corporations. But while former consultants can make great CEOs, the transition isn’t easy.

If you are interested in finding out more about how to make that path from consulting to C-suite smooth and effective, there are many traps we can show you how to avoid and many actions you can take to give yourself the best chances. 

In this webinar, you will learn: 
-What is the reality about this transition and whether the facts support the myth
-Why the transition from consulting to C-suite makes an attractive value proposition – both for the individual and organization’s perspective
-What are the common pitfalls that former consultants fall into when transitioning into corporate jobs 
-Key strategies and practical tips for successfully transitioning to the C-Suite 

We will bring you case studies and the wisdom of having interviewed and analyzed many professionals who went through that transition. We will engage you in surveys, thinking, tips and tricks, and above all, some encouragement about how to make that transition happen. 

How to Transition from Consulting to C-Suite>
49 W38th Street, Floor 12A New York NY 10016

About Presenter:

Claire Harbour was born a people person. How come? Because she has always been fascinated by what makes each of us tick, and how to get the very best out of everyone. Her clumsy, sometimes intrusive childhood questions have grown up into deep, challenging adult explorations, and she will not be done until she has ensured that every human on this planet has the greatest chance of flourishing and being joyful, in both work and life.

Her studies of language and culture at Cambridge, plus an MBA adventure at INSEAD, and her work across 4 continents, 17 countries, 8 languages in multiple sectors, functions and roles position her to support a broad range of clients through personal and organizational growth. 

Her writing includes articles and case studies for INSEAD, as well as a book co-authored with Antoine, Disrupt Your Career - How to Navigate Disruptive Career Transitions and Thrive. Their online course, How to be a Career Acrobat, can be found here. And if you wish to contact or work with Claire, you can do so at www.claireharbour.com

Antoine Tirard’s French upbringing was not much of an indicator of the global career he would rapidly build, nor of the multiple transitions he would make across roles, industries, continents and cultures. The one absolute constant has been a drive to bring out the best in the talent around him, whatever the context. His work as leader of talent strategy and leadership development at global multinationals has left a deep impact, as has his recent work consulting and advising significant organizations on a wide range of talent, people and leadership issues.

His early career in Human Resource led him to a series of people-focused roles at blue chip organizations from the Magic Circle law firm Clifford Chance to L’Oréal, Novartis and LVMH, before deciding to become an external talent management adviser. 

For the past dozen years, he has been using his unique mix of passion for people and their development with a profound understanding of how businesses work, consulting with leaders across the board on talent and leadership.

Antoine has co-authored three books, on careers, talent assessments and HR management. He is also the author of tens of articles about talent and careers. He is a regular lecturer at INSEAD, where he gained his MBA and the Institut Magellan, as well as a frequent speaker at international conferences. 

Antoine lives near Paris and frequently travels to meet clients, visit his children who live in three countries, and connect with his friends around the world.

If you wish to check out Antoine’s work or reach out to work with him, you can do so here: http://www.nextalent.fr/en/