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Interview Success Skills: The Science Behind Why What You Say and How You Say it Makes a Difference

September 22, 2020

Interview Success Skills: The Science Behind Why What You Say and How You Say it Makes a Difference

Making a great first impression in your interview isn't just about what you wear, or even how charismatic you are - the actual words you use and common verbal habits can affect how you're perceived. Join Professor Valerie Fridland as she explores how to use the science of linguistics to your advantage in your next interview. You'll learn:

- What impression it makes when you hedge (I think, maybe) or use disfluencies (umm... and uh...) and what to say instead.
- Speech features that can signal professionalism and expertise, or hold you back.
- How to evaluate your own speech patterns in order to improve them.
- Tips for creating a more equitable language workplace when you are in a leadership position. 

About Presenter:

Dr. Valerie Fridland is Professor of sociolinguistics and Director of Graduate Studies at the University of Nevada in Reno.  An expert on the relationship between language and society, her work has appeared in numerous academic journals and she is co-author of the book Sociophonetics coming soon from Cambridge University Press.  Her language blog, Language in the Wild, is featured on Psychology Today, and her lecture series, Language and Society, is featured on The Great Courses.  She is also working on her first book for a popular audience, I Hate When You Say That!, coming out with Viking/Penguin.  She regularly appears on podcasts and news programs such as The Elegant Warrior, The Mentor Project, The Wave, Walkmymind, CBS news, and Newsy’s The Why.   

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