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Is a Boutique Firm the Key to Advancing Your Consulting Career?

June 13, 2019

Is a Boutique Firm the Key to Advancing Your Consulting Career?

At small, boutique consulting firms, there’s a sense of trust and self-determination that’s impossible for employees to find in other fields—or even at larger agencies. Panelists from Acquis, CBPartners, and Keystone Strategy explain what makes a boutique firm a unique place to work. Leaders from each organization will discuss a range of topics, including career progression, industry specialization, and developing a competitive edge in today’s market.

What Do You Stand to Gain by Attending?

Consultants design the organization and management policies that attract and retain talent for companies across every sector. As such, it makes sense that consulting firms also know better than any other employer how to prioritize their in-house teams. Based on thousands of employee reviews, these three agencies are some of the highest-rated companies to work for—and they’re also recognized for performing groundbreaking, high-caliber work.

This webinar will provide key insights for job seekers, working consultants, and professionals pursuing a foothold in the industry. Leaders from each firm will deliver a 10-minute presentation, followed by questions from the audience and a panel discussion. 

About Presenter:

Acquis Consulting Group is a boutique consulting firm specializing in strategy and implementation. At Acquis, we believe that strategy is nothing without execution. That is why we get close to our clients, learn their business, and develop tailored, custom solutions that serve them best. Our clients rely on us as an advisor and an ally. We help our clients think about their business in new and creative ways and work alongside them every step of the way to embrace the change necessary to drive growth. We call our approach "Think + Do". It is one of our Core Values alongside "People First" and "Advance Together", which helps us remember that people, both our clients and our consultants, are first and foremost in everything we do.

CBPartners is a global healthcare consultancy committed to providing unparalleled strategic support to multinational pharmaceutical companies, biopharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, and government health authorities.

Keystone is an innovative strategy and economics consulting firm delivering transformative ideas and novel solutions to global enterprises and law firms on leading-edge challenges in technology, business, and science. The firm’s expertise in strategy, economics, product development, intellectual property and antitrust is ideally suited to developing bold strategies that have a far-reaching impact on business, consumers, and public policy. Keystone combines the strategic insights of leading experts from Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Wharton and other top universities with the practical industry expertise of its accomplished professionals to deliver extraordinary impact.

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