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Leadership Tools to Survive and Thrive through the Current and Future Crises

May 27, 2020

Leadership Tools to Survive and Thrive through the Current and Future Crises

We are in the midst of an intense crisis, and there is — as yet — no end is in sight. The stakes are high, because every organization’s mission and financial survival are at risk, along with the wellbeing of their employees.

How should a leader operate under these conditions to help their organization survive and thrive? Executives who may be exceptional leaders under normal operations are finding that the rules of success in an intense crisis are different.

Join us for a complimentary webinar with Paul Ingram, the Kravis Professor of Business at Columbia Business School and the faculty director of Crisis Leadership and the Advanced Management Program, to learn about practical tools that matter most for effective leadership during a crisis.

During this 30-minute webinar, Professor Ingram will offer:

  • - Advice and tools for aligning those you lead and giving them direction as the crisis unfolds
  • - A tool you can use to help maintain your own peak leadership in the face of personal stresses and challenges the crisis represents
  • - A concrete process for recognizing and accessing your sources of support, ideas and resources during the crisis.

About Presenter:

Paul Ingram is the Kravis Professor of Business at Columbia Business School, and Faculty Director of the Advanced Management Program, Columbia’s flagship residential program for senior executives from around the globe. His PhD is from Cornell University, and he was on the faculty of Carnegie Mellon University before coming to Columbia. He has held visiting professorships at Tel Aviv University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the University of Toronto. The courses he teaches on management and strategy benefit from his research on organizations in the United States, Canada, Israel, Scotland, China, Korea and Australia. His research has been published in more than sixty articles, book chapters and books. His publications have received numerous distinctions, including Gould Prize, and best paper awards in the areas of Organization and Management Theory, and Collective Behavior and Social Movements. Ingram’s current research examines the intersection between culture and social networks. Recent papers investigate questions such as the role of value similarity to foster business networks, determinants and outcomes of individuals’ fit in organizational cultures, and influences on ethical decision making. 

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