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Look Before You Leap A 2-Part Webinar Series For Professionals With One Foot On The Off Ramp

April 2, 2013

Look Before You Leap A 2-Part Webinar Series For Professionals With One Foot On The Off Ramp

Part I of the webinar: “Motherhood Guilt or Job Dissatisfaction?” will…

• help you decide if your thoughts about leaving the workforce are your own, or are influenced by others. 

• include a provocative discussion exploring whether motherhood “guilt” is well-founded orwhether you have unrealistic expectations for balancing work and life.. 

• help you evaluate more deeply why you work and how you would replace your work drivers at home. And,

• give you  a clear framework for deciding if it is perception or reality for you, that the grass is indeed greener on the other side. 

For many women, a large factor in the “stay or go” decision is whether an alternative work structure is even possible. Part II of the webinar will help you “Exhaust Your Flexible Work Options.” Too many women assume flexibility is not an option or leave after one casual “ask.”  This webinar discussion will help you determine if your job is a candidate for full or partial telecommuting, and how to make a professional case for flexibility. Looking beyond your current job, you’ll also learn where to look for other, more flexible opportunities and if an entrepreneurial venture would fit your work and broader life styles. 

About Presenter:

Kathryn Sollmann is the Managing Partner and Founder of 9 Lives for Women, a highly acclaimed, multi-channel blog site that helps women navigate work and life in nine stages from college through retirement years. Recognizing that it is too black and white to say that women are either “working” or “not working,” Kathryn’s website helps women with all the gray areas when they have one foot in or one foot out of the workforce. For more than a decade she has helped women stay in or re-enter the workforce—through coaching, recruiting, seminars, and corporate consulting, and a full library of blog posts that provide practical, no nonsense advice, inspiration and empowerment for women at every age and stage.  www.9livesforwomen.com

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