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Managing Disruptions through Agile Operations and Supply Chains

July 30, 2020

Managing Disruptions through Agile Operations and Supply Chains

While operations and supply chains in most industries have, in recent times, focused on becoming cost-effective, the Covid-19 pandemic is testing their survival like never before. Join University of Illinois’ Gopesh Anand to learn about practices that can help minimize the impact of the current disruptions and about strategies that can better prepare firms to face future disruptions.

This session will leave you better prepared to:

  • Generate innovative solutions for supply and demand problems.
  • Rethink the level of tradeoffs among priorities such as cost versus flexibility.
  • Balance conformity and autonomy for frontline employees.
  • Align business functions including operations and human resource management.

About Presenter:

Gopesh Anand is an Associate Professor of Business Administration and the William N. Scheffel Faculty Fellow at the University of Illinois Gies College of Business. His research examines how firms manage the quality of their products through process control and improvement, and incorporates elements of standardized work practices, transformational leadership, employee engagement, and outsourcing. Gopesh has an MBA and a PhD from The Ohio State University. Since joining Gies in 2006, he has taught several courses in operations and supply chain management to a variety of learners ranging from undergraduates to executives.

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