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Personal Branding: Build Your Brand, Your Business

August 16, 2011

Personal Branding: Build Your Brand, Your Business

How do you stand out in a world where many people have similar credentials and experience?

The world of work is changing as fast as the technology driving it. To keep up, you have to develop a whole new approach to managing your career. Personal Branding allows you to differentiate yourself by authentically aligning more of who you are with what you do.

In this class, you will learn what actions you should take to increase your visibility and credibility with prospective and current managers, colleagues and clients along with tips on applying the personal branding process to specific career goals.

About Presenter:

An author of eight books and executive coach focusing on people skills, Valerie Sokolosky started Valerie & Company, an international leadership development firm in 1981. Since then, she has become known as the expert in her field of professional presence and personal branding. An expert on w2wlink.com and recognized internationally, she is a sought after executive coach and keynote speaker - having received the highly acclaimed position of vetted coach for several of the big 4 financial firms as well as for Women's Leadership Exchange.

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