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Preparing for Digital Disruption in Your Organization

March 21, 2019

Preparing for Digital Disruption in Your Organization

Organizations are constantly transforming, change is driven by new technology with the potential to create new business processes and even entirely new business models. Data from new technology sources present new opportunities and challenges. The digital pioneers of this era, both technology organizations and industry leaders, will shape the future economy. Entire industries are being disrupted and influenced, stemming from advancements in digital tools. Digital innovation is happening faster than ever and following Moore’s law, is slower today than at any time in the future.

Navigating digital transformation requires complex strategies to capitalize on technology advancements. If you are a leader with interests that could be impacted by your organization’s digital transformation strategy, or you are responsible for the strategy yourself, join the discussion for insight on new technologies and the major impacts for the future.

  • Define the impact of digital transformation from the executive suite to the individual contributor.
  • Review cutting edge technologies which are predicted to lead innovation and create digital transformation.
  • Build awareness for changing rules and regulations directly impacting digital tools of today and tomorrow.

About Presenter:

Jeremy Greene brings a passion for technology that can be traced back to the “dial up internet speed” era. In addition to holding an Executive MBA from IE Business School, Jeremy has held roles focused on revenue growth and product strategy for several large technology providers, including SAP and Hewlett Packard. Most recently, he was tasked with developing and expanding the usage of geospatial data to provide organizations with a new competitive advantage in their respective markets. The most thrilling part of technology to Jeremy is the unlimited potential for innovation, the only prerequisite being a curious mind asking the right question.  

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