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Ready, Aim, Hired: A Fast-Track Plan for Job Search Success

September 10, 2019

Ready, Aim, Hired: A Fast-Track Plan for Job Search Success

Does the prospect of job hunting make you break out into a cold sweat? You're not alone. 73% of active jobseekers report feeling either "stressed" or "highly stressed"—and if you've ever been in that situation, or are experiencing it now, then you know how quickly things can snowball out of control. A few months without a job, a few more weeks without an interview, and suddenly you're questioning everything: the decisions you've made and what you're willing to settle for. You'll do practically anything to bring this uncertainty to an end.

It doesn't have to be this way!

In this eye-opening webinar, Anish Majumdar, Career Coach to the Fiercely Ambitious, will help you create a fast-track plan for job search success, filled with actionable insights every step of the way. Landing a new role does NOT have to be a slow, multi-month ordeal ending in a disappointing offer—that's just fear mongering from Corporate America.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • The 3-2-1 Liftoff Strategy. Jobseekers waste ENORMOUS amounts of time doing things like endlessly tweaking their resumes and "networking" without a clear goal in mind. None of this gets you closer to the destination—a job offer that you’re thrilled to receive. Anish will teach you his "3-2-1 Liftoff Strategy" for quickly identifying and addressing those parts of your Professional Brand (including your resume and LinkedIn profile) which actually MOVE THE NEEDLE with decision-makers. He’ll also explain how to begin leveraging these points of contact for MAXIIMUM visibility and response rates.
  • Sharpen the Spear. You're not some generic candidate who needs to fit into a box. You have one brand that’s crystallized at the highest level. It’s bold about expressing a unique POV while also informed by a true understanding of your competitors at every step. Striking the right balance here is the secret to skipping past low-level hiring gatekeepers and getting into conversations with people who have the clout to either get you the inside track on a role...or outright create a new role on your behalf. Anish will share examples from recent client work that will demonstrate these principles in action.
  • "Try Before You Buy" Initiating dialogue as a jobseeker just doesn't work. Anish will show you a new approach, based on his exclusive LinkedHired!© Job Search System, for getting a steady stream of the right decision-makers on the phone and in the interview room. It's time to stop asking permission and start making a difference with the problems only YOU can solve!
  • The Real Game. Only 38% of candidates who are the most qualified on paper end up getting the role. Why? Because the same deep behavioral and psychological levers that influence our decision-making OUTSIDE of the interview room apply to hiring as well. Anish will show you how to tap into these levers to understand what's really going on, when to play to expectations (and when to go boldly against them) and most importantly...how to SPEED UP THE TIMELINE to receive a job offer without coming across as desperate. You can do this!

About Presenter:

Anish Majumdar is an executive coach and speaker who specializes in helping people take the reins of their career, and generate new opportunities at will. He is among the top 1% of Career Experts on LinkedIn. As a former journalist and film/tv actor, he has struggled with entering completely new fields, communicating what sets you apart, and playing the “hidden game” of getting ahead—and knows the transformative potential that is unleashed when you do. Check out his career videos at HelloAnish.com, and connect with him on LinkedIn to receive daily career tips and advice.

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