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Salary Negotiation 2.0

July 20, 2010

Salary Negotiation 2.0

This class will provide an overview of some strategic and tactical negotiating techniques that can be used - even in these difficult economic times - to ask for a raise or negotiate with a prospective employer.

In this class, we discuss how you can determine your worth in this market. We will also discuss how to prepare to negotiate.

If you are a savvy negotiator, your preparation may be worth thousands of extra dollars so this session is critical if you are employed or in the job market.

About Presenter:

Sabrina Zook of Talent Management Strategies is a business-oriented, pragmatic career and executive coach with 20 years of human resources experience including 14+ years at JPMorgan Chase. Sabrina provides personalized and structured guidance designed to focus on career transition efforts and prepare clients for every aspect of the job search.

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