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Technology and the Good Society: Emerging Risk and Opportunity

July 31, 2019

Technology and the Good Society: Emerging Risk and Opportunity

Technology permeates all aspects of modern life, transforming the way we live, communicate, interact, and work. It engenders promise and potential, as well as uncertainties and risk! 

Join us for this webinar, led by Charla Griffy-Brown, PhD, Professor of Information Systems and Technology Management at Graziadio Business School, as she covers one of the greatest ongoing debates of the 21st century - Is broadly construed technology proven to be on balance, beneficial or detrimental to the moral dimensions of civil society. We will also discuss: 

  • Whether technology fosters or detract from good society?
  • How can we make better business decisions around emerging technologies and risk?
  • How to critically evaluate decision-making in an increasingly digital world?! 

About Presenter:

Dr. Charla Griffy-Brown is an accomplished professor, board member and consultant who leads transformational change. She works extensively in the area of digital innovation helping organizations leverage new opportunities through analytics, risk evaluation, and emerging technology deployment to achieve their strategic objectives. She also has extensive experience working with executives in the area of information security. Her track record includes working with C-level executives and boards for public and private companies across different verticals including manufacturing and services industries.

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