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The 5 Most Common Job Search Mistakes & How to Fix Them

November 13, 2019

The 5 Most Common Job Search Mistakes & How to Fix Them

On average, every job opening that’s published online receives about 250 responses from qualified candidates. For well-known organizations and advanced titles, there’s even more competition.

Today’s dynamic market leaves little room for error—which is why you need to build a robust strategy to support your job search.

Here’s what you’ll learn during today’s webinar:

- How to target opportunities that align with your career aspirations.
- Communication tips and specific guidance on how to expand your professional network.
- Positioning your achievements to an employer and asserting your value.
- How to create a “job search road map” with a direct path to earning an offer.

About Presenter:

Lilly-Marie Lamar is a Senior Career Advisor with Ivy Exec, where she has helped thousands of professionals optimize their job search through one-on-one career consultations and resume critiques. Her collaborative approach leads to original and compelling employment documents that capture a candidate's expertise and unique value-add. She considers herself to be a "thinking partner," educator, and supportive listener, who is committed to helping her clients achieve their professional ambitions. Lilly-Marie has dual Master degrees from Columbia University in English and higher education. 

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